I enjoy New World a lot

Thank God.
A sane person.
Noone gets, that there is no perfect game.
No matter what you change. Someone will complain.
Less grind: “Oh no. I reached everything. There is no content amazon. :frowning:
More grind:” Oh no. The grind is ridiculous how am I supposed to keep up? :frowning:
Advantage for being PvP flagged: “I hate PvP. I can’t keep up. :frowning:
Advantage for PvE:” There is no reason for PvP. I am angry. :frowning:
You have to understand, that everyone wants something else. Play the parts of the game you like.
Wanna play PvP? Do it.
Hate PvP? Turn it off.
Hate PvP and want the best possible gear?
Well maybe play a PvE game.

If you actually can’t have fun in the game no matter what you do, then no one is gonna make you play.


Already said it wasn’t an insult. I was just a little unfair.

I should say that you seem young. Or at least you lack basic economics education.

I repeat it again: Amazon will never let this game die. You might think that it is on the player’s hands to decide whether he quits or not but it actually isn’t. Far from it.

I hope you’re right, because it is a very gorgeous game with lots of potential. I can see both sides of the argument, but it gets pretty hard to stay on the positive side.

Especially when you’re just going to get messed with anyway.


I lack basic economic education?

I thought we were talking about the state of the game?
I really dont understand.
Please help. :wink:

You lack any understanding of how Amazon operates if you believe “Amazon will never let this game die”.

But you are technically correct. Amazon will not ‘let it die’, they will drag it behind the shed and put two in its head. Amazon constantly innovates and tosses out what doesn’t work. They don’t go on marketing campaigns to resurrect failures.

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What about when they introduce more bugs in a patch then they do fixes? Thats my favorite part of the game so far!


I must have missed the memo that explains why a forum account age is of any interest for an argument, but thanks for proving my point by trying to attack the messenger rather than the message.

What also seems to be missed is that the game is new and so is the development studio of the game. This is an innovative piece of software, not some copy and paste asset flip game. What software ran perfectly from day 0? What software fixed all bugs at patch 1? MS Paint perhaps. I am not saying that they should not get their butts up to fix things, but complex software projects do have problems, especially at the start, welcome to the world of software.

Some more long term patience and understanding instead of short term rage can make a big difference.


bla bla bla…

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I dunno man. My BF has stopped coming in here due to the BS toxicity shit. People need to simply report a bug or ask their question without being an ass! But they cant seem to do that lmao it’s really getting ridiculous honestly. Poor excuse for gamers seriously! It’s really sad


Another white knight who has no idea why and what people are upset about and yet feels “entitled” to write about them and blame them. Pathetic.

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This again. Hi mr dev alt account :wave:

Just to remind you that Amazon Games is nine year old and most of the dev’s have actually done their jobs for a lot longer than that with experience at other leading game dev studios. So I am sorry but your point is nonsense my friend.


Not sure if you really are unaware of what has been happening in recent history or if you’re just posturing with that feigned hectoring tone for attention?

All people are entitled to their opinions, even you. Please consider that nearly everyone, whether pro or con are likely stating their opinions in good faith. However their posts should be focusing on the state of the game … not on other peoples views about the game.

In your post however, you’re assuming the position of someone who feels entitled to lecture everyone else on what they are and how they should think.

If you think the changes are good, state that. Make valid points and present a well reasoned argument. Try to not get peronal and start alluding to character flaws. That type of posturing is quite juvenile and I suspect is transparently obvious to many.


It is hard to take your message seriously when you start of like this:

There is nothing that is next level in NW but they have done the GFX, audio and early level grind gamification quite well. The “next level” stuff makes me think that you are a troll and that might be why people are attacking you and not the lack of substance in your post.

But yeah, it sux.

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When you have a backer from the richest or one of the richest men in the world who has technology you can only dream about with the best minds on the job at his disposal and the fact many years in development and end up with this game it leaves not much to shout about.

I very much doubt you have many hours played I’ll guess and say around 25 hours at best.

Also what mechanics are fun? Would that be the standard combo or the dodge? As it cant be the way NPCs react with the environment as they are all predictable, and a lot more issues.

So how is progression motivational?
A lvl 20 can do everything a level 60 can do with a group, no need to do the rubbish run 2km to a marker then run back.

Add the gold tax and repaire on inventory items and many more issues and this game becomes a joke with the 100 other issues.
your expectations of a decent rpgmmo is badly clouded in shit.

There is a difference between stating an opinion and being toxic af.

I am adding an underrepresented view to this pool of “good faith opinions”, as per usual, once things get toxic, many people leave the discussion, leaving the impression that it would be the status quo, while it might be the loudest sentiment, it not necessarily is the most adapted.

Rather than telling people “what to think” (your accusation) i am criticizing their overly narrow minded sentiment and choice of toxic language.

I will leave the rest of your accusations as they are as they are debatable at best.


Can i have some fries with that conspiracy? “He does not have my opinion, he must have a hidden agenda”.

You are right, i need to rephrase: they are new to this kind of game. Going from puzzle games to Lost Ark in just 2019, then New World in 2021. Previous experiences of individuals do not guarantee the success of a new project.


Don’t bother. People are KiraTV fans in here

I am 150 hours in so far, need to check my steam stats later.
But what about you then? I get from your post that the mechanics are not fun to you, you are not motivated to progress, the quests are boring to you, some core gameplay elements repell you. So i must wonder: how many hours did you suffer through this? What is keeping you in the game and the game forums if it sucks so much? Is it pure intention of giving negative sentiment to a game that you are not even playing anymore, kind of a revenge hate?

I am looking forward a few month, when the toxic crowd has moved on to the next game, so we can finally enjoy this game in peace.


Yup we have no idea… doesnt matter wth they are upset about there’s no need for the negative bullshit. Since when does the majority of people feel the need to voice their negative toxic opinion that realistically accomplishes NOTHING. Just say what’s going on and that’s it! It’s that simple really.


I really enjoy the game for what it is. The combat feels very tense, the open world is the primary content, which a lot of players fail to realise actually, and I’m actually very happy with all the core systems the game has. It still feels very fresh and addictive, and I look forward to my play time most days.

The current criticisms I feel come from a place of expectation, that anything with the label MMO has to fullfill these pre-conceived expectations.
I will never understand how people could look at NW and say, “yea, that is anything like ESO or WoW or FF14”, or that it is even trying to be, blows my mind.

Some players want the entire game solo-able, they want to be able to farm end game gear by opening boxes, by serving NPC’s with little challenge, the don’t want to have to engage with the economy, with the crafting, or with any PvP.

They all want a game tailored to one of the many reasons they ended up liking the genre in a game that stands a decent distance outside of any of those other titles. They want, what is a fresh and unique experience, to be pigeon-holed into particular gameplay loops. Which if I’m to be honest, is the most asinine thing of all. These kinds of players equate a number going up, to satisfying “gameplay”. Get number to 60, done, now get number to 600…. Wait, it isn’t as easy as I want it to be, game must be bad….
I’d love to know what they intended to do after they got all there GS marks to 600… wait I know, complain again about lack of content.

Then they start to look to other players that are enjoying the game for what it is, “Ah, they must be in a cult”. “Why do I not get the same rewards, even though I don’t want to engage with all the games systems?”…

The mentality appears to have no limits also. They want mounts, they want orbs removed, azoth removed, they want taxes removed, they want the entire fundamentals of the game removed, they have not yet realised that AGS want players out in the world. If these players want to log in, queue an expedition, and then log off. They can do that in the half-dozen other titles that pride themselves on those systems.

Anyway, to finish my rant, I just want to say I’m happy to see AGS stick to their guns and stick to their vision of how they want NW to play and grow into the future, which I have no doubt will be around for many years to come.