I fail to see how fire staff needs a buff in pvp

Seriously they do like 4k damage fireballs and melt everyone with that stupid flamethrower. And since everyone rocks thrust/slash gems they don’t get any of that insane damage mitigated


You just explained your own confusion. Fireballs hit 4k BECAUSE everyone is running thrust/slash gems. When muskets and GS gets nerfed, people will more appropriately balance out their armor resistance, thus reducing fire staff dmg too.


To further expound upon your comments, I think that players in general should tune their gear and gems towards a broader spectrum of defense, by using Onyx or Opal gems. You can get a Slash or Thrust or Fire ward , to further boost your defenses against those damage types, and you can slot Emeralds, Moonstones or Rubies to better increase your resistances.

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Firestaff needs less of a buff and more of a rework tbh but it is definitely not in a good spot rn


The vast majority of war rosters slot for slash resistance and elemental resistance.

At range a bow or bb or musket can burst harder than FS. Up close it lacks any sort of useful cc or debuff.

The people who top OPRs with FS are just statpadders. Any reasonable 5 man war stack will run them over free of charge.

Unless ur a FS god you are wasting your time under current conditions. If you think the dmg is fine then it needs a buff somehwere else that will help it such as a slow, cc, plague, weaken, etc.


Did you think about why is everyone running thrust gems?


I see what you guys are saying but I feel like fire staff players just rock a Blunderbuss on the side and melt anyone in arena as it is. Once the balance patch goes thru it’s gona be rampant imo. Mind you I play mostly arena and I know Blunderbuss isn’t suuuuper heavily used in OPR


Blunderbuss does fire damage. I don’t understand why people are complaining when we don’t even know the changes yet. Maybe FS is only receiving PVE changes who knows.


Continuing the discussion from [Dev Blog] Combat Balance Update:

mainly PvE and some PvP scenarios


Because overall it does less DPS to dex counterparts, plays much closer and is far riskier (is also pretty bad at farming mortal empowerment as a ranged class), zero utility or cc.

It’s literally a jack of some trades and a master of none, unless you think that flamethrower is really that strong but most would agree it’s just a noob stomp ability like net shot.


I agree, that is why AGS used specific language in the DevBlog about the upcoming PTR changes:


Honestly upon reading that it seems like Fire Staff is in the nerf category with the other OP weapons… My guess is it’s a flamethrower nerf.

Separately they mention magical buffs for PVE / PVP and don’t specifically mention FS.

My guess is that FS is getting a rearrangement while Ice and void will get a bit of love.

Balancing FS could just mean shifting damage out of FT and onto other abilities/perks etc. So while one ability is nerfed, others are buffed, resulting in a net buff, but still classified as balancing. The same applies to the Bow, Musket, Hatchet and Greatsword.

We will have to see how your guesses play out!


This. They need to focus on making at least PoF/fireball/burnout a competitive build.

And then having the option to swap in incinerate or flamethrower to niche builds.


So true.

We can’t even know if FS is op unless other ultra op weapons are nerfed.

And don’t forget that any arrow does as much as dmgs that a fireball, without CD’s.


Regardless if you think flamethrower is good or bad it is excruciatingly annoying to deal with and ultra braindead. Things being fun to use and fight against is almost if not more important than it being balanced imo


what kind of fool rocks thrust and slash gems ? People need to stop listening to people with 100 hours played on fresh start server in the comment section of reddit… :rofl::rofl:

But yes, flamethrower needs rework. Its very annoying especially in arena where you have these bots who literally just use flamethrower and nothing else. The obvious solution is to give flamethrower a cooldown of like 5-6 seconds so they have to actually commit to it, if they get interrupted then too bad for them. They need to position better.

Any melee overcome flamethrower dmgs if he spams left click, flamethrower is our way to finish a target or a slowed fow.


Do not question the captains of our ship.

They have done a stellar job so far!

Why is the population growing and growing and growing?

Why are they opening up new servers to accommodate all the new players?

Just eat your shit and smile.

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