I freaking love these guys

I feel like its on its way. People just don’t get its a new style of game… gonna be a lot of bugs, I really don’t think this kind of thing has been done before.

Dont get me wrong there are games kinda like it… But this game checks all the boxes for me.

Sadly this is true. I have cancer, I won’t die today or tomorrow but sometime. So will people who don’t have cancer. You can focus on the cancer or you can focus on the time you have left, however much that is. That doesn’t mean don’t push for improvement, in game or elsewhere. It just means use this perspective as a lens to see the world. The world isn’t perfect. If it was, we wouldn’t have cancer or COVID or lots of other awful stuff. But we all want to be happy and cherish the memory of being happy. Find fun in the game, find fun in life. Help others find the fun. Be kind. Smile. Let others smiles warm your heart. Gaze at the stars … oh no gleamite incoming!

Most of all have a wonderful day, because today is a gift.

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All funny aside im gonna be serious

I lived through mouth cancer and it took almost all I had man. I 100% get this.

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Well…some of us did and are following the lore lol.

And then to think that this game actually already offers voice overs.

I realize that many gamers are exactly like you describe. And although Ashes of Creation is often heralded as a great MMO to come, they take it even a step backwards. More text, no audio.

If you really care, there actually is quite a lot of intricate lore within New World. It’s just really up to you to plot it together, read the lore pages, pay close attention to the texts within the story quest and side quests, etc. The lore is brought to you not as an action adventure styled game, the lore is brought to you as if you’re an actual part of the world. In other words, based on what you read and what you hear.

That obviously only works if you actually read and listen, not if you spam E.

If you are actually interested, I can definitely recommend the following YouTube channel’s playlist:
Lore Lesson: Genesis - YouTube

It really is an underappreciated, small YouTube channel, not even 1k subs as of yet. But they do a really good job bringing important aspects of New Worlds lore together.

yes they do but on that post he even admitted that he didnt read the story or do any of the quests. Nice try but weak at best.

Not going to lie but yeah, I have no clue what the story is either except we crashed on a world and fight dead things and corruption. I have no clue what each story is (if there is even one) or any other story tbh. Without cinematics, cut scenes, etc. I don’t take the time to read all the blue notes.

you really need to quest… the story line leads you from place to place. If you didnt read them that is your fault?

You know you’re a Soulwarden …right?

I hate to say it but this post kinda shows there is a large intelligence gap between some players. Square peg goes in the square hole kinda thing.

lol quests I skipped???

I have 100% on all quests currently in the game, 100% on all notes in the game.

I took a few days to use the new world map tool and collect every single one just for the sh!ts and giggles it would provide.


It has a very loose plot with lots and lots of notes to fill in all the content and quests they didn’t add to the game that would have fleshed out the story far better then expecting players to read a small book of pages to fill in what they couldn’t program and implement… you do realize this is 2021… nobody in their right mind would make this type of choice to be the method to push the games story… truly nobody.

I am in one of the top guild on Mag Mell since day one, I have seen literally every aspect of this game from wars invasion open world pvp the entire series of quests in every single zone… every dungeon over 50 times… im 590 WM is everything pretty much except for a few weapons… by all accounts I have beat this game in its current state… everything I am saying is based on my over 800+ hours played in this game… and years of time invested into many other far better MMOs…

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it does its just not finished. You didnt read the quests and admitted to it already. You called yourself out. look just cuz you skipped through the text in the quest doesnt mean there is no story bro… That’s your bad

There is… If you read…

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Honestly I dont care if you are top anything. The story is there and its actually a pretty good story. Plenty of youtubers go over the story and the lore feel free to educate your self

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Maybe you are just dense… or one of the few who just doesn’t listen…

I clearly stated that pushing your main story narrative with WALLS OF TEXT isn’t a good method…

90% of the player base is NEVER going to read these notes… they simply collect them for the easy XP when they are leveling… after that who cares. It isn’t like you get a trophy or some cool decoration in your house after you complete a set of pages… there is no DRIVE or incentive to collect them all.

If they really wanted to do something cool… they would make it so when you collect all the pages to a story or book… you get a cutscene that plays a cool little animated video that could be like a story book showing drawings or something as pages turn… a cool narrator voice could kick in AND READ YOU THE PAGES in the persons voice that wrote them.

Sure it would require them to hire some voice actors and actually pay them to do good voice over reading for this… but the level of immersion this could add to the story as a player wondering the world discovering things would be HUGE.

your responses just make the case even worse for you its almost sad you have played that many hours and didnt read the quests

I do agree… Have a narrator read the page after it’s found… Same narrator for every page is fine… And saves on cost

Please add some cut scenes in the main story and expeditions

heck you don’t even need the books to get the story just the quests will do that.

All ive read in your long winded posts (not trying to be toxic by the way) is you dont read.

Look you can defend their choice all you want, I find it basic and lame at best the way they choose to deliver the main story.

This isn’t the 90s anymore… this is 2021, like if you can’t manage some cutscenes and a narrator to drive your story a bit… with the bankroll AGS has… WTF are you doing with your life as a game lead.