I got hacked and all my gold stolen, this is AGS answer

by not providing the name of the account that recieved my gold you are protecting the hackers and dear mod dont worry about hiding this post again, this will land on reddit today aswell

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Well, they are probably preventing mass shooting this way.

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I’d recommend…


that comment talks more about you than you think, i would like just to report the thieves and get them banned like in any normal functioning game

Sorry, of course It’s not about not banning them, but “providing the name of the account”.

Also your post was not hidden. There are hundreds of posts a day. You’re got pushed down.
Here it is. All my gold is missing

its active, i even checked the logs in the steam help page, all are my normal IP address, i know this wasnt a hack, i also never got the usual email telling me im trying to log in from a new IP adress

how else am i suposed to know the account i have to report? this is the step when support gets in the middle and do stuff like undoing the transaction, i reported this the very same day it happened thinking it was a bug, i know there is plenty of people who lose all their gold and believe is just a bug but in reality the same mafia who sells gold are also hacking people and stealing it from them, this is beyond crazy, for starters if the trade was legal i would know the name of the account, i could go straight to report it if that was the case

What on earth are you talking about? It shows in the mail you’ve posted that ags knows who they are and they’re just not disclosing the info to you…

You want to report people ags already knows about?

What exactly are you on about? Info is secret because people like you get overly mad and might do stupid shit.

Chill a bit


i am very chill unlike you.

start by reading properly, nothing is being done, they know who got my gold and are doing nothing about it, next time you type something make sure to read the whole thing first, specially the part that says “If the player is sure he is not the one that initiated the trade, he should contact Steam Support…” yes let me explain you, that is cause they wont do anything, if the thieves have any brain they probably already make it untraceable by diluting it into many accounts, im cool with that, the money might be gone what what got you against banning thieves and hackers? might some of your friends get banned perhaps? maybe yourself?

How that happened that your account got stolen? Just for curiosity and to prevent the same faith of other players.

Dude wtf lol

How old are you? It is a Steam matter. Amazon is legally prohibited to give info about another person while an accusation is pending.

The fact that a random guy ( that’s you) yells “they stole my money!!” Means nothing to Amazon.

Amazon checks the trade, then sees that it was a legal trade and concludes that, if what you say is true, someone accessed your account through Steam.

Amazon then has no right to give info to you.

Be an adult and drop the attitude


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thats part of the problem, my account is not stolen, they got in and stole the gold, no password changed, steam doesnt register any weird IP adress, just mine, for all i know the thief didnt enter my account using steam

The game is only available on steam

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wow calm down, dont need to get so emotional about an issue thats not yours, it wasnt your gold buddy, please chill, i doubt you work for amazon, i doubt you have any idea what you are talking about, i mean didnt i say my steam is perfect? all log ins are mine, can you be nice enough to stop playing to the mommy of the hacker that needs to defend it?

That’s what is confusing. Someone had to have used the Steam account to do anything in the game.

The entire steam account is compromised at this point.

If, of course, what is being reported is accurate.

Someone logged into OP’s steam account, fired up NW, made a trade, and logged out without touching anything else.

Not saying it didn’t happen…but does seem a bit strange that nothing else was done. Password changes are relatively SOP for cracks.

i checked the steam log ins, all mine, i wouldn’t even know there was a trade involved if it wasn’t for the reply from AGS, till that point i was sure it was a bug, i wasn’t asking for the name of any account either so it seems weird to me that they straight away mention they wont provide any name, let alone threat it as an illegal transaction, i doubt they will tell me exactly what was traded for the entirety of my gold but if they check that out then im sure its gonna be just more evidence the whole exchange was just to steal my gold

How do you see IP address? All it shows is the IP location in my logs.

ah yes corect, like in this format

Jan 13, 2022 @ 5:49am CET 16 DE Mainz Rheinland-Pfalz

all mine are like that

Who has access to your pc?

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