I got perma banned for saying "venmo"?

I said “Ill venmo you 1 dollar” in global chat as a joke for to someone selling 5 legendary schematics and then a few minutes later I got perma banned for “disruptive behavior”. I appealed the ban 4 times as told by the customer service agents and was told the ban was merited because it was “threatening and abusive behavior towards others”. They didn’t even try to look into my ban or what was said and I know no one didn’t because If they did they could see I’m not a gold seller which I was told was why my account got flagged in the first place. I was just perma banned for making an obvious joke with no warning or temp ban first. On a game I paid 40 dollars for. The moderation system is broken and toxic in this game because apparently all you have to do is report people for no reason and with no basis or evidence to take them out of the game permanently. Lvl. 60 with 215 hours in-game, also with in-game skin purchases and almost every skill 200 and now I cant even play the game because of a dumb joke. I even called AGS customer service and was told my account was thoroughly reviewed. OBVIOUSLY IT WASN’T BECAUSE I HAVENT SOLD GOLD AND IF SOMEONE WOULD HAVE ACTUALLY LOOK THEY WOULD SEE THAT. I had to make a new steam account and buy the game again (now spent 80 dollars on the game) just so I could post in this forum because I can’t post to get help on my other account EVEN THOUGH I WAS TOLD BY CUSTOMER SERIVCE TO POST ON THE FORUMS. HOW??? WHEN IM PERMA BANNED FOR FALSE ACCUATIONS? I really like the game but this customer service experience really need some rework. Can I please get some help?

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Hello @oEnjin
Welcome to the forums :smiley:
Just to clarify penalties can not be discussed here on the forums.
I know you already attempted multiple appeals but that indeed be the only option.


Thank you for replying. I already sent out an appeal before I made this post. I don’t know how many more times I’m goin to need to appeal before I cant actually get someone to look into this false flag. Is there nothing else I can do other than appealing again and again?

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Lazy customer service, They CS do nto give a damn about anyone, Hundreds or lies and hundreds of dropped chats because they suck at their jobs…You cannot discuss on forums shoudl be BS, If you lie or ban someone for the wrong reason we all shoudl knwo about it…If weeks go by for players who were mass reported by oposite faction they should be fixed already…


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