I got the solution for pvp on this game

First of all, this MMORPG was going to be different, nowadays is full PVE Game experience, You do not see PvP in any area, as an exception of a little community of pvpers thats still playing this game because Combat is unusual for a MMORPG, and its because of that, this game needs fear, Players needs to feel fear.

I understand that its hard to do it without making cry some part of pve players, for that reason the best way to do it, its like i saw before in another Topic but with some changes.
We need a PVP AREA, also with the best resources of the game. Where every player can goes in knowing that dying there means lose everything, but getting back with the loot,feels good, this area could have dangeuns where players can go to get Best Loots. Thats a good way to add PVE players on PVP GAME.

I love MMORPG games, I know the destiny


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Let’s see what happens with these luck changes for flagged. My company always goes out flagged and always gets zurged by other faction with 3x the people flagged. We normally have 10-20. World pvp does happen.

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Please stop.

I respect your opinion first and foremost, but what I see you doing is the same thing the other 200+ PVP only posters make when speaking about their PVE counter part.

The server I play on? The PVP is alive and well. Sure, there are thing they are working on in PTR which will hopefully even make PVP even better.

I personally want PVE players to be able to have the best experience possible and I hope they want PVP players to have the best experience possible not through their expense.

Personally, I wish we had PVP dungeons and PVE dungeons. I believe this would help a lot I feel.


which part of this post is feedback?

Bro u can play WoW if u want PVE, games needs to be competitive to be massives. If Not is not a MMORPG just an ORPG. Bro this game could reach the top, just looking forwards, not on the back and what the comunnity tells them. We were looking a full active PVP Game, and there is no active PvP.
One day someone will make this game that lot of people are looking for, then u will understand it

I have a counter-proposal.

Turn off all PVP, and allow players to enable it only in one area. If a player dies in the area, they respawn outside - camps cannot be placed in the PVP zone, and there are no respawn points, to keep it PVP themed.

In order to enter the PVP area, players need to craft a key which is made out of 100 Orichalcum Bars, 100 Infused Leather, 100 Infused Silk, 100 Ironwood Planks, and an Attunement Orb from each of the Expedition final bosses.

Upon entering the PVP area, the key is consumed.

This solution is absolutely brilliant because it gives PVP players the motivation to engage in PVE activites, and introduces a new source of demand for crafting goods, thereby stimulating the economy.

Who’s with me on this?


If u want to farm u can farm worst resources but much more, whats the problem?

U cant even dream bro u only see what its in front of you

Hey, if you want to inspire fear in the players, here’s a thought. Why go small and stop at full loot? How about perma death? Yep, one life per character. When you die, your character is deleted. Your stuff, well, it takes some damage and stays there on the ground next to your rotting corpse for about thirty minutes, as long as it takes for you to decompose in game. That’s fear for ya.

Can we make that happen for PVP toggled players? It would actually work great with my earlier idea about dedicated PVP zone.

Let’s make it happen to everyone. PvP, PvE, die drowning while collecting water in WW. Think of all the problems it would fix. Constant demand for low tier goods means busy TPs, since people would be terrified to leave settlements even to collect turkey feathers, no gluts of materials on the TPs, hugely reduced costs of gear repair, since most cases the previous owner is dead. A weak mana potion becomes a rare item since even getting briar buds could spell the end of everything for you. It might even stop bots.


Love it. Also how about a not-so-small chance that a character can trip and injure themselves when going down a flight of stairs? Possibly die in the fall…

lets be honest PvP in this game just sucks you go to OPR and its a mage and hammer spammer fest. As for open-world PVP I’m glad it gives people an option to turn it off I have played too many games that are full of griefers. Once people have farmed their watermark and nothing much to do they will just go around killing other players who are still trying to progress. they should make PvP arenas 10 players in the last player standing gets to loot the chest On that note the chest should be no better than what you would get from a chest in a Lvl 64 area.

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Because no one could possibly want to play another new mmo to get away from wow. Well same thing applys. You want a full loot pvp game go play rust or ark or any other of the full loot pvp games.


Thats my dream game

Nah bro, developers told us this game was going to be a world for pvp gamers

Why not make the Outpost Rush 20 min long inter server? The reward can be lower but it would be much easier to do.
My server is low population, and it’s difficult to find all the players to participate. It happens only after all the invasion are done and the event is spammed on global for a while.

Corwan u should try playing games just to farm bro but u can see now, market prices looks really sad and easy. Players need to find their economy, maybe u can farm in pve zones for lowest prices in the market, low tiers would mean something, and crafters can take a good point of that.

Also this game wont be a casual game, and players will feel that what they do matters.