I got the solution for pvp on this game

I would say yes to this idea if:
-give that so desired area or even a server just to them to realize that no matter what, will always be the same 10-15 players entire day on same area
but I rather say no because:
-once they realize that none will join their pvp specific area, they will come back to the forum and post over and over that pvp should be mandatory, if you don’t do it I’ll call you mom names, etc…

And when they did some research they found out that pure MMOPVP games are a small niche compared to mainstream, so this game has been changed to PVE “with elements of PVP” about two years ago.

Let me try to explain to you why what you said is not really accurate.

MMORPG does not mean “I am a hardcore PVP game.” It does not even mean its a PVP game at all. There are plenty of PVE MMORPG’s on the market. So you entire post here is simply false.

The second part of what you said is this game could reach the top. PVE and PVP themselves are not what make games go to the top. Just because a game has PVE and PVP is not what makes players want to play them. I feel what you are wanting to argue is that there is a bigger PVP crowd out there then a PVE crowd. I would say in the MMORPG community, that I feel there are likely more of the type of gamer that is in between both PVE and PVP styles of play then far to one way PVE or far to the other way PVP.

The server I am on has active PVP, so I am not sure what you mean by your comment here. If you mean that you are on a server that has not active PVP, then perhaps I would offer a reword that is that low populated servers lack active PVP.

And finally, you entire comment about suggesting I go play WoW is immature because I am not the one on this thread trying to explain why PVP is not doing good right now. I even said in both posts now that my server has active PVP and although I did not say I do/do not participate in PVP, you made the assumption I do not PVP. Well, for the record, I do PVP and so with the same respect you gave me, go play CoD if you want PVP, most competitive PVP has long proven it does not require masses (e.g. WoW Arenas where they actually have worldwide PVP competitions still for it).

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And then they changed their mind in Alpha and Denialist Full Loot PVP folks took to the forums to advocate their cause over and over and over and over again. You could literally use the search feature and see hundreds of the Full Loot PVP folks threads.

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