I have a charcter on a server that is being merged into a server I already have a character on

I’m hoping they put one (or both) in like a ‘limbo’ state and you can choose a new server for one of them and the other goes to the target merged server

My second is only level 46, but I don’t want to lose that progress. There will be a lot of people who have level 60’s on 2 servers

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same issue

i dont understand why everyone in the forum complains about having 1 char on each server…
There have been 2 characterslots on each server u are on since release so whats the problem there ??? U probably can switch in the loginscreen and thats it, start to use ur brain and u would have come on this by urself…stop the senseless forumtraffic…

another user posted here,

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Care to back off a bit there bud? No one in this post was being dramatic. I simply asked what will happen, since the rule of having one character on a world set. They could easily give this information ad we can all move on our merry way.

let’s not forget some people could potentially have 3 characters on a server at the same time if 2 world sets merge into 1 the player already has a character on, you got an answer for those people as well? seems like you know all the answers afterall

That being said I am very sorry that my post on the public forums has caused you so much stress that you felt the need to be so aggressive with your response. If you notice, this was posted very shortly after the news was broken. I wish you the best of luck, but I will not tolerate these types of replies to forum posts asking for simple information.

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didnt want to be aggresive, and if i made someone to feel unconfortable with my expression im sorry, but i am scrolling through the forum and every 2nd post is about that issue and i feel like if ppl would think about their problem a little longer they would come up with the answer right away.

that’s all well and good, but we have seen issues from housing for merges and things where they have mentioned multiple characters on a world set would cause problems. AGS doesn’t have the greatest track record with smooth merges and patches afterall

Also curious what will happen. Cross server set merges are needed but not heard how they will handle situations such as this.

You could have 2 characters per region but only 1 per server set.
Surprised your brain missed that.

so… my level 60 character goes from an Australia server to an eu central server? RIP latency.

Like to see how they keep me in the same company after that :smiley:


it looks like you have a character on eu central and one on ap-southeast

i don’t think they will swap region

Except Adiri is a AP-southeast server not an EU server

Merging with Lagado…

And Ryugu-Jo is merging to lagado also. Hence the problem as the people above. Except mine now says Eu-Central against my Adiri character instead of also Ap-Southeast

Assuming that’s a bug in the UI, and not what is really happening in the real world… or you’re about to get some bad latency :joy:

@Commissar Its a bug, mine says EU-central and im merging into utopia. It was also present on my last merge, ignore it.

u will need to pick ONE of them

Orange post about it here:

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