I have a charcter on a server that is being merged into a server I already have a character on

it looks like you have a character on eu central and one on ap-southeast

i don’t think they will swap region

Except Adiri is a AP-southeast server not an EU server

Merging with Lagado…

And Ryugu-Jo is merging to lagado also. Hence the problem as the people above. Except mine now says Eu-Central against my Adiri character instead of also Ap-Southeast

Assuming that’s a bug in the UI, and not what is really happening in the real world… or you’re about to get some bad latency :joy:

@Commissar Its a bug, mine says EU-central and im merging into utopia. It was also present on my last merge, ignore it.

u will need to pick ONE of them

Orange post about it here:

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