I have a question

Mr gamemaster
will merge severs can refersh faction cd

Hello @MerliniZues123

No sorry, server merge no refresh faction cd.

Customer Service reps like you that

doesn’t give enough details, or not lead people to where they should be looking for answers and providing them direction to what to expect and to what not.

should seriously stop interacting with these players

I am actually amazed how he got an answer with "I have a question’ has title. Meanwhile I reported a bug from genesis that’s not on known-issues with video proof and got no AGS official answer.
Like me there are tens(would have been hundreds but we are so few now) of players in the same situation

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Hello @h4ck3dbr4in

My apologies, i understand your frustation with this sitaution.
Our Devs team will announce more info about servers merge soon.

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