I have absolutely nothing to show for almost 800 hours of PVP


I log on, play an OPR or two, play normally in at least one or two wars a night and then log off. I work a lot.

I am in a company with a lot of very active players. They are almost all 300/200 attribute points with 600 GS, and are already almost 600 expertise. I logged on today after work, hopped on OPR and found out I unlocked the “Rush Tactician” title, which I thought was pretty cool. I equipped the title.

Later, I see my friends are all pumping laz/gen runs and running mutators etc, PUMPING their expertise and just lapping me in less than 24 hours of an update dropping. I played my two games of OPR, got my ruby gypsum and made an orb to get my chest from 590 to 592 expertise. I sat there, realizing just how useless PVP is in this game. My OPR title is the only worthwhile thing I have gotten.

I am dirt poor, I have ok gear that I have saved up and paid for by ONLY playing wars/pvp for MONTHS! in which I have 250+ wins combined. I’m pretty damn good at PVP, and there’s absolutely nothing to show for it. I mean, I get slotted in every and any single war I want to get in to. But my gear is meh, my expertise blows, I don’t have a single legendary because all my gear is budget high GS purples. (590ish+ GS) There isn’t even an OPR reward shop I can buy honing stones and food from, I buy my honing stones/pots/attribute food with money I make from OPR.

The PVP rewards in this game are the most useless I have ever experienced in a game. Even not doing anything but crucible in Destiny I could get some ok rewards, good enough to keep me relevant in PVP. The PVP faction gear being locked at 520 is just astonishing. And it is great that there is now a way for PVP tokens to be used to purchase raid orbs, but like… A system that rewards your PVP, by giving you a key to get good rewards from PVE is like… Not even PVP rewards? Like, if you are a PVE player who is sitting on 70k tokens and only use them to buy expedition chisels, you now have access to orbs on top of Chisels, but for a PVP player its moot, I still have to grind PVE it does zero favors for me.

I get it, people aren’t going to feel bad for someone who only does PVP. But I think it’s fun and I only have an hour or two a night to play and I want to have fun. Not saying PVE isn’t fun, but I shouldn’t be so punished for not doing it. From now on I have to decide if hopping on every night and my one or two hours is going to be spent doing mutators/raids on repeat to not get lapped in gear and expertise or actually do what I want to do, which is PVP. Even just making every single OPR cache guarantee at least +1 watermark somewhere would be worthwhile, or making ruby gypsum be limitless. 1 ORB every ~2 hours is not game breaking and allows pour souls like me to not get absolutely gaped by not dedicating hefty time to PVE. PVP players need love too…


This game is making every mistake bungie did when destiny came out. Long and meaningless grinds, scarce meaningful loot, and no real content to sink your teeth into. At least destiny had Vault of Glass and working pvp at launch (even if it was just the bare bones crucible at the time).

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