I have an ACCOUNT based networking problem

I don’t even know how to describe the insanity of this issue.

Logged in today and I have 120 more ping than usual. 150 compared to 30. Consistent no matter what I do. Nothing has changed on my PC, network equipment, etc. No OS updates installed, no driver changes.

I began by Wiresharking my traffic and comparing it to my housemate sitting 10 feet away who has 30 ping. No substantial difference in our pcaps.

Here’s where it gets good;

I log my account into his PC and I have 150 ping. I log his account into my PC. 30 ping.

What the absolute %$*#.

My mind is totally blown. We’re using the same DNS, same routing, same house, same network. The only thing that is laggy is my character/account. Network bandwidth and every other setting imaginable are the same on both PCs.

Willing and able to submit any data or troubleshoot any time.


Sorry to hear about this issue, as you said, it’s really rather puzzling.

Since you already let us know that everything in terms of network configuration is exactly the same as your housemate’s and he’s getting a good ping, I think the best thing to do is escalate this right now.

In order to do so I’ll need some information and some files, so I’m going to send you a PM with the info we need.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know about this.

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