I have never felt this defeated

 Got a comment on how this was hard to 

read on mobile so I tried restructuring it.

 I want to first say, I really enjoy this game and 

believe there is something here but man the

sense of defeat this new update has created

for me is just unmeasurable.

For the past 3 or 4 weeks, I’ve been really

diving into crafting system… armoring,

leatherworking, smelting,linen, mining,

gathering, and skinning all at 200. Obviously

enjoying this game

Finally finish crafting my voidbent set 2

days ago to find out heavy armor was nerfed

yesterday. (I know it was broken and It got

fixed but it was good) anything that takes

that long to craft should be good.

On to phase two of my defeat. I will say I’m

not here to complain about you making the

game better, I applaud you guys for that so

far. But I posted about 10-15k worth of buy

orders before the post went down.

 Then when the post got fixed, my buy 

orders were seemingly deleted costing me

about 15k ntm the money I would have made

selling it.

 These two things have made the past 3 or 

4 weeks of gaming null and void to me.

  Phase 3 of my defeat: making this boring 

endgame grind aka watermarking a bullet

sponge. You basically made this twice as long

for low pop servers.

 Maybe this was the right decision for high 

population servers and their zergs but man

did this make the grind absolutely miserable

for low pop servers.

 Making endgame dungeons pointless untill 

you hit 591 is also a mistake, I play most for

the dungeon activities almost exclusively,

they should at the very least have exclusive,

very rare legendary 600 drops, emphasis on

very rare.

 It would also be cool to see them give 

better watermark jumps than world activities

As of now I've put down the sticks for this 

game. I hope to see you guys in the future.

yup feel your pain. Think a lot of us do.

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