I have not been able to play since 1.2

I’m frustrated. I put a lot of time into this game and was excited for 1.2. Ever since 1.2 the changes affected musket / rapier so much, it became unplayable. I have not seen anything in the patch notes, nor did anything change to better this in the PTR when I tested it.

Here’s what I can say.

  1. There is an ability that reloads musket on dodge roll.

  2. When you fire a shot, dodge roll, then fire a follow-up shot, pre-1.2 the second shot after the dodge roll was Instantaneous.

  3. Post 1.2 When I fire a shot, I have to push shift 2-3 times just to trigger dodge roll, then I have to click the mouse 2-3 times just to trigger the follow up shot.

What used to be a very smooth, shoot, roll shoot, is now delayed and takes multiple keystrokes / clicks to register.

My ping has remained at 100 Pre and Post patch. My graphics settings are low, and nothing has changed on my side to cause this issue. It started immediately after 1.2.

The multiple click / slow reaction has made playing musket not fun anymore.

I played through all the woes of New World up to that, but whatever was done in that patch made things so unplayable, I’ve logged in for 2 minutes 3 times since 1.2.

I have posted on the forums and I know I am not the only musket user who experienced this. I do not know if this is de-sync, lag, client / server (whatever) - but nowhere has this been acknowledged for musket.

I’d love to know if this is even known, or ever going to get fixed.

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