I have not been on the game for a month, I have now returned to see an big influx in players, can someone explain what is going on?

My server is dry tree.

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There is a Expansion with new weapon, new zone, new mobs, new poi’s, new leveling experience and tons of other stuff comming in the near future. So the many people is comming back and maybe want to get ready before the new expansion.

Asmongold played new world on his main stream and said it was a good game now.

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That just means he was sponsored to do so. Nevermind me, I chose to make decisions for myself.


Sounds great! Any idea what level the new zones will be?

lvl 60. if you go in the PTR you can see it all the way on the top of the map. it is as big as 3 zones all together and looks very very cool. Look it up on youtube you will love it!

Okay thanks a lot, It sounds great and it’s very good to see new players returning!

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