I have some ideas as a healer. What do you think?

I’ve mained a healer since level 1 and I have a few ideas.

Regarding targeting. The targeting system is hard enough as it is. Please make it so when I go to cast a direct heal or aoe heal on a group mate and they are out of range that I can’t target them. I don’t know how many times I’ve cast sacred ground on myself b/c my target was out of range or just sat clicking direct heal and nothing happens.

Keeping track of your group is a pita. I have to stop and open map all the time to see where everyone is (Especially in wars). Mini map would be great for this.

In PVP (wars/OPR). Personally, I hate playing a healer in pvp. My groups usually just scatter and could care less if I get ganked and die b/c all they have to do is stand in another healers aoe. There is usually zero consequence for a group losing it’s healer.

PVP is extremely boring for me. Personally, I think heals in PVP should be limited to group members only. I think there would be much more strategy, tactics, and team work if this were the case. Groups would actually stick together! Currently healers just cast aoes all over the place with very little tactic involved. Wars/OPR imo is just a giant chaotic mess and boring as hell (at least for me). I want to be challenged in a game.

This is all just my opinion.
Thanks for listening.

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