I have something to say

I understand all the problems, bugs, exploits that are currently occurring, suppose it is the most normal thing for a game that is not even the first year of life / Online.

and I just want to tell you guys to have a little more patience … let’s show a little love and respect to our friends and colleagues … Amazon Games.

I am sure that they are doing everything possible to amend many things, but with bad criticism, hatred and demanding more than they can give, we do not contribute anything.

And yes, my English is absurdly bad, but I do this for you or for us.

Thanks, peace and love.


Your English is not absurdly bad, friend. <3

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I do not condone any kind aggressive, offensive and not constuctive criticism however the state of the game and the way it gets worse with every single patch is a disgrace and it warrants frustration and disappointment from invested players.

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We are criticizing in the hopes that AGS listens and improves the game and makes it fun. If people aren’t having fun, they will simply quit and you shouldn’t blame them for that. Our time is valuable too. I don’t want people to quit, I want the game to be enjoyable, and the only way to do that is to find and fix its flaws.

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