I have transfer cd and i didnt even transfer for months!

i hope they fix it, cuz if not im getting 30days for no reason…

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More features.

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Already working on fixing it

Yes, they are increasing the transfer CD for everybody to 30 days where it used to be 3 days, it is just those that have transferred recently and had 1 or 2 days left on the CD will have it increased to 30 days.

You have always had a transfer cooldown, it used to be 3 days, now it is 30 days, whether you have used it or not.

You missed the point. A lot of people who were involved in the recent server merges. Did not transfer servers. They were forcefully merged by AGS. Yet their cooldowns for server merge were activated. As said in my post above. They have already acknowledged the bug, and are working on fixing it.

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That was not the point of the OP, the one to which I responded and although there may be a bug as you mentioned, the OP seemed to think he was the only one who now has a transfer CD of 30 days, when everybody does now.

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That was the point of the OP. They were merged from Tartarus into Nysa. Now their account has cooldown for transfer. When they did not transfer. I do not have a transfer CD on my account atm. I could freely transfer right now.

That is because everybody does.

[quote=“[Notice] Enabling 30 Day Server Transfer Cooldown January 25th, 2023, post:1, topic:815824”]
We are increasing the cooldown on all Server Transfers from 3 to 30 days
His CD was 3 days before and is now 30 days, the same as for everybody else.

Their account CURRENTLY has a cooldown. After the server merges happened. they must CURRENTLY wait 3 days in order to be able to transfer. Which will become the 30 day wait once the update drops. This cooldown activated yesterday right after sever merges happened.

To be clear, they’ve acknowledged this and are working on a solution.

THANK YOU! even though I already said this. @MessiahB does not understand what the OP’s problem is.

If they are currently in that CD and haven’t transferred then it is a bug, then it is being dealt with as you say. If they are not on CD currently then the CD on all transfers will be 30 days like everybody else.

That’s what OP said. They have not transferred. They got the bug that is being worked on. Which when they merged servers acted is if people had used a transfer, and activated their cooldowns.

It doesn’t quite say that in the OP but it looks like @JakeL pointed out the bug you mention within minutes of the OP and it was not marked as the solution.

Literally the title.

“I have transfer cd and i didnt even transfer for months!”

Literally the OP.

I cannot read the first post @JakeL made. As i do not know that language. If it is the same then i apologize for posting the same content in a language i understand.

In English from his post

Transfer CD 1

OP clearly already knew about the CD increase happening. IF you actually read the title and the post you would have seen that, and what their complaint was about.

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It also appears when you log in
Transfer CD message

So it is not clear whether they were referring to their own CDs, their own active CDs or everybody’s CDs.

Also, it looks like this is not a bug, per se, as I now have 2 characters on the same server. One was already on that server and one was moved from elsewhere. However, they both have active cooldowns (strangely it seems they end 3 days after the merge happened, so they may have changed CD back to the original 3 days) but another character that has not been involved in any merges or transfers has no active cooldown.

I would guess this is due to them using the same code for the manual transfers as they do for the automated world merges. It looks to me like when a merge happens, all worlds are transferred (setting the CD as active) to a new world and that new world is given the name of one of the merged worlds.

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