I haven't played for weeks, what are people whining about this time?

fill me in

The same things you see on every video game forum ever, just a new title.
They are like locusts, they buy the game, complain non stop, then move on to the next game because the grass is always greener on the other side. Or so they think.


from what i’ve seen on paper, in each patch they actually doing good changes, whats the problem?


The paper is the problem

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The players aren’t helping, shittiest community i’ve seen ever. Might be worse than LoL, and thats rare lmao


Community reflects the game.


Hell no, shit people gonna be shit people regardless of the game :wink: Maybe its LoL players migrating xd


This game die, and will die more when lost ark will comes out.
5k players loss in 4 days after the recent patch.
It will be better to close the game for 6 month than letting this die during this period.

Debatable. There will always be bad actors in every game, but you’re talking about a game with a player controlled economy, tax system, and a recruitment system for wars with rampant exploits and bugs.

Anthem community was very toxic up until EA pulled the plug.

Your question is a bit derailed, you should ask “What people broke this time?”

Bugs and exploits are Ok to complain about, but what i see most on forums is constant complaining of the weapons balance. Even using the word “balance” is wrong, there will never be balance in pvp on a mmorpg, period. But every goddamn day its a different weapon people whine about, and most of the complaints are straight up mad twats that just want to be able to rekt everyone 24/7 with no interferences.



New World is a Bug Free, balanced and exceptional player experience.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.


I’ll have what he’s having.


The secret ingredient is copium

Mutators aight. Orbs are a bummer because they time gate the content hard.

Gaxe/wh/ig/vg/bow/musket good. Or bad. Depends who ask.

You are just wrong here. Balance is everything. Do you think it would be ok if the devs implemented an armour in this game that was immune to everything except lazer and a lazergun that could one shoot everything in the game except this new armour where you needed 5 shots to kill. Do you think it wouldbe a fun diverse game or would everyone just use the new armour and lazer gun?

Lmao. That’s exactly what I thought. I’d rather banter back and forth in /all chat on league than deal with some of the people on here. Dont even have to insult someone, just gotta be a human and they’ll find something to be over critical about and negative.

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I’m still using Unstuck to get out of my house. That’s my current Whine, I guess.

haha, you never played WoW ha?