I haven't played for weeks, what are people whining about this time?

Losers that havent supported or played the game in weeks who think they deserve to have a voice.

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Nwah. I don’t think @RyuAlucard is wrong here. While I agree with you that balance is important, I think the main issue with this game has been bugs and exploits. To each his/her own though.

Your point about someone basically being invincible is spot on. If that were the case, then by all means, fix that issue. What I’ve been seeing from a lot of people is that they’re getting owned by people more “skilled” then them, and probably better equipped than them. To me, that’s not a balance issue. I’ve been owned by plenty of people more skilled than me, which is probably 75% of the players (excluding the bots)… God I hope I haven’t been killed by a bot… Also, I’ve seen people complain that their cloth healer was owned by a GA/WH toon… Well, no crap. That again isn’t a balance issue.

If they would have focused on the bugs, then maybe this s*$t show wouldn’t have occured, and a majority of us might still be playing. I had to call it after the last patch. Storage was broken, fishing was messed up, crafting was screwed up, trading was screwed up, etc…

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Nah, I was only replying in general that its not ok to complain about balance because you MUST have balance. But ofc balance doesnt have to mean all weapons do equal dmg or have 50-50 chance vs eachothers…You can balance a stone-paper-scissor system but still you need the balance. Every weapon need to contribute in some way.
So take GA vs VG as an example. GA has only melee attacks + 1 short to medium range CC. VG outDPS GA in melee plus it have ranged attack, very potent CC, Debuffs… There is not much point in running Axe instead of VG except for those rare occations where a short/medium range CC is needed instead of the point blank CC that VG have.
Now if you remove GA CC you completely break the balance because now there is not a single aspect of the game where GA outperforms VG thus GA is completely obsolete.

So some form of balance is needed… And OFC a higher GS weapon should perform better than a lower GS weapon so you cant compare DPS output between a GS600 VG to a GS500 GA… but that is hardly the case here because by now most people in pvp is pretty geared up…

If you expect to ever find balance on a mmorpg you gonna be disapointed all the time.

Also those examples are ridiculous as they would never implement that lmao.

None is unkillable in this game. Or maybe i was fortunate enough and people stripped naked for me to kill. Remember, however much good you are, there will always be a high % of people better than you still.

At least on league you see them in a match and probably won’t ever have to see their same name again haha

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Thank god no.

yes. i can still write here, so until you become CEO and are able to keep someone from writing, you outta luck friend.
go back to begging people to make this game of the year lmao

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The more people complain about balance the worse the balance will get.

You mention why use GA when VG exists. Why many people still use GA then tho ?

And yes, you are right, “some form of balance”. But that some form of balance won’t be reached with people pulling in diferent directions.

And to end, there is criticism and there is whining. dont mix em up

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I agree to a point, its really important the devs have a clear vision like in DAOC where they defended some unbalances as a stone-sciccor-paper system… Class A WAS supposed to beat B that in turn was supposed to beat C but not 100-0 but maybe 60-40 or 70-30.
But I never seen a sucessful game that have several classes with 1 class to beat em all…

I don’t feel AGS have a clear vision and i dont think they have an understanding on how pvp in their game works thus the disasterous result when they try to balance stuff…

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AP server players haven’t been able to log on for a few days. Yulbrada is going to go through a brief restart in 20 minutes. I hope that helps us. Otherwise Imma have to go back to WoW :flushed:

Game is dead friend, time to move on

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I am moving on actually.
Saw the recent february changes tho, and they seem promising if executed right so might still come visit it when they roll out

So you mean the people that call others shit?
Yes they are terrible. Way to go man.

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