I honestly think LUCK might be absolutely broken

You are right, that might make a difference, but is really worth the invested time to do it?
That 10 runs test was for fun helping new players, but I rather do more interesting content :slightly_smiling_face:

no, luck doesnt work at all in expeditions.

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Can you back it up with an official link, or you say it just for the sake of it :wink:

The exact subject I was talking about, the ones I was testing in the expedition.

sure thing i can, buddy

So yes it would work, if the Expeditions wouldnt work like they do:
The reasoning is actually simple. Luck increases the chance that the rarity of the gear that drops will be of higher rarity. Nothing more, nothing less.

This means it does not affect gearscore. Named items in the dungeon cannot drop at GS 600 and NOT be legendary. Ergo, the only factor is the GS of the drop, and this isn’t affected by luck


You are right, named items don’t have the chances of rolling bonuses, which I presume means legendary like you said.

Thank you for your time and feedback :+1: :wink:

It would take a massive wall of text and alot of almost conflicting statements to explain the luck system, it’s not broken it’s just got flaws to its design… Maxed out like you have will hurt you cos how they have things currently set, you’ll need to slowly work down the amount luck you have on in a trial and error sort of format till it comes down to the happy medium of not being the maxed out ‘overluck’ effect your seeing but not being so low as to be no luck either. There is a middle ground where luck will work for you but I am still in the long and hard process of trial and error testing stuff to math out the correctly needed luck amount to work

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Yes, exacty that. Since luck has been broken from day 1, my bags are still low level, because who cares for 2.4, 2.5, 2.6… 2.9% luck…

I’m going to sell my trophies soon I think, useless.

You do you🙂

Much better to do that vs testing for fun to confuse yourself even more :joy:

Luck is not broken, luck is broken, …
Fact we don’t know how it exactly calculated, we probably will not and it’s fine.
AGS explained how luck works, AGS told us how chest/elite loot works, and it’s pretty clear, more luck DOSEN’T MEAN MORE CHANCE TO LOOT

So many anecdotal responses.

So here’s another.

I ignored luck for the first 900 hours and rarely ever got drops, it drove me crazy while I saw those with and without luck get drops left and right.

I now have 2 major and 1 basic trophy with a full-luck set and get drops very regularly with some dry spells.

So, I do believe in luck. But remember it is “LUCK” we are talking about and you can go on long dry spells with and without it.

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yall are confusing luck gathering and luck for named drops with global luck.

On both my toons, I’ve never had a luck trophy mat drop. I’ve tried countless hours for over a year. Since launch. 3400hrs in NW. Killed around 8000 defiled bunnies for the chest. No drop. Luck is a lie.

Luck is not 100% broken, but it’s 100% bad design. It has it’s uses, but it’s useless overall. it’s not worth a perk slot on my apparels thats for sure. i hate it when im frustrated over not having it and i hate it when i do and im forced to think it’s broken.

They should either remove Luck or change the way you obtain luck. add another slot in UI and call it Charm. let us upgrade it from Charming I to Charming V. different charms for different luck like Mining Charm etc…

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A lot theories and here is mine:
My theory is that, always will be a forum post about how the luck system doesn’t work.

This is the most accurate thing in this thread.

  1. We know precisely how luck works, and how much impact it has.
  2. We tell people how it works, but because they have experienced being an outlier from “typical” they think it’s broken, and refuse to believe it works that way, even though there will always be players with a streak of bad RNG.
  3. Most of the time when anybody supplies ‘data’ to ‘prove their theory’ the data is statistically useless as the sample size is way, way, way too small to demonstrate any effect. Most users do not intuitively understand odds or statistics.
  4. The dev’s communication on the issue makes sense if you fully understand how luck works, exactly, under the hood. But if you aren’t fully familiar, their explanations leave a lot of room for interpretation, and a lot of the words they use confuse players because they aren’t necessarily clearly defined. Players don’t know what a “Named” item is, and Players don’t know what “quality” refers to. They’re ambiguous terms with multiple interpretations.

lmao bro provided proof


5 Head recently posted a video where he ran his standard trophy mats run in Ebon, and opened 1000 chests. He did it twice, once with full luck and once without any using his standard combat gear. He produced a statistically significant difference, but it was still as negligible as the numbers would suggest. His conclusion (and mine) is that it helps, but is probably not worth the effort and cost of a full luck scenario.

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He also said in his every craft leveling guide videos that you should respec to Focus to get 10% yield increase when salvaging.

It was only until recently when dataminers told him you dont get any extra materials with that perk that he uploaded a video saying that Focus perk 10% yield when salvaging doesnt work/only give repair parts.

But you listen/trust whoever you want.