I hope AGS enjoys their "well deserved" break. Dont spook if half ur players are gone tho!

combat desync needs to be addressed asap. and im worried that AGS did not even register the issue existing yet, wich worries me even further to the point of wondering what the actual PEEP they are doing.

I get it , first game, first time, you are noobs in the industry, i get it.
But seriously a blind man can see the bs happening, a def man can hear the cries of the playerbase.

AGS i hope u enjoy your break.

(seems Break is the keyword at AGS. everything is just broken)

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I don’t think half of the playerbase will leave.
NW is the game with the highest update streak and the fastest developer response in the game industry. Everyone knows this game is here to stay and will improve.
AGS did more content updates in 3 months than some games in 2 years.

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half player are gone, cuz they have holidays and families lol… calm ur tits


Wow, you are an asshole.


You can leave this forum with this kinda “thanks” to some one whos game you are playing

People are allways crying. Still, Playercount is very stable atm, so losing half players is just not happening.

ignorance is bliss

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