I hope to open a new Asian server when the new version comes in October

We like the new world very much. Asia is a very promising market. In the game, I have a lot of friends from Asia, as well as players from Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, China and Thailand. We are all very enthusiastic about this game, but we regret it because of the high latency, many good friends have left because of this, so I hope to open a new server for Asian players when the new version comes. I believe that new world will become the greatest MMORPG game with the largest number of players.


Hello chain, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Retours et suggestions” section to the English “Game Feedback” section.

Yea, give them the server they deserve so they can play with low latency. I am pretty sure that AGS can afford it :slight_smile: @Fooo

@Fooo Thank you for your attention. My friends and I like this game very much. I think if the Asian server is launched, this game will become more famous and influential.

Recently, the number of Asian players returning has increased sharply, but due to high latency, the popularity of the game has declined again. Because I love this game, I hope the official can do something about it.

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