I hope we can change faction when we transfer

me and my friend in diffrient factions on diffrient severs.when my friend transfer to my server he just cant join my company its stupid!

You can change to another faction after 120 days as planned since Beta. The game limit in many ways friends to play together from start.

yes until 120days i guess we all leave this game

true this. Since we didnt all start on the same servers,same times, and are in some cases in different timezones, we did not realise we had to pre plan all off this.
some are syndicate and some marauders. so i would need to wait another 106 days before i can play with some friends…

hope New World office see this feedback pls

Your first faction change is available immediately, specifically for the purpose of “oh no my friends and I forgot to talk to each other and joined different factions.” Future changes require waiting out the delay.

how u know that we can change factions immediately, office show us must wait 120days

It’s designed that way to stop mass loading into a certain faction. Same reason why you can’t change faction to the most populated on the server.
If you’d like to play with friends your always welcome to make another character or wait the 3 months. Paid faction changes won’t come as it will create huge server balance issues. (More then there is already) it takes 1 week to get back to where you are now (slightly less cause your experienced))

yeah me lvl48 my friend lvl43 so we need someone give up his acc,or we wait 120days, who knows until 120days do we still play this game if we not same facitons same company

yeah, it does suck, ive been level 60 and freshed to a new server, but its only a weeks worth of work, or 7 days, so really isnt an issue.

One of you need to switch faction, its that simple. And I have seen people switch faction already so I know for a fact you do not need to wait 120 days to do your first faction switch.

it might be level restricted though @OskarUngart .

How to Change Faction in New World? (newworldforge.com)

outside sources, yea, but i cannot change at level 60 and have never swapped. so there could be restrictions outside of basic info.

This is incorrect, I have seen players switch much earlier than level 60. If you are correct on this, then please post the window in-game where you try to do a faction change and are informed you must wait until you are level 60. If you provide this, I will delete my character and uninstall the game.

that is not what i said in the slightest. at all.
i said I cannot change at level 60.
meaning I am level 60 and cannot swap factions. and have never done so.

My apologies as that is how I read it. But you are correct that I mis-read it.

However I stand by my request showing me you are unable to change factions.

You can do PvE content together you just can’t do PvP unfortunately. I’ve done plenty of dungeons with other factions


the option for “Change Faction” is greyed out and un-clickable for me. even though I see no cooldown. though this in itself could be bugged?

If you never changed factions, then I suggest putting in a feedback in-game and if possible contact customer support as this should then be available to you.