I just bought the game and I can't play on friend's server

I bought the game literally two hours ago because my friends wanted to play with me. I tried making a character on their server (Isabella) but everything is unavailable except for El Dorado. I see now that there’s this giant server merge thing going on and so I tried to contact support. After a lengthy discussion I find out that I have to wait until four more days before I can play this game with my friends and support won’t even give me a free server token to switch my character after the server is available again. Is there something I’m missing that would solve this issue? This all seems so silly and mismanaged and I can’t believe I’m encountering all of these problems for a game that’s been out for a year. I’m seriously thinking that with all these red flags popping up, I should just return the game on Steam and get my money back.

Hello @Wingaling

Welcome to the forums hope you are doing great and apologize about this misunderstanding!

I know that is really important to playe with our friends even thoutg there is an ongoing planing merges you can chek the list here [Notice] Fresh Start World and Return to Aeternum World Merges for All Regions - December 6th, 2022. This may cause some server have unavailable character creation.

And I would suggest to check this page Server Status | New World - Open World MMO PC Game in order to know wich worlds are available at the time to play. Also you can always have a transfer token adquired by the in game shop more details here: Paid Server Transfers - Support | Amazon Games even though Isabella is a fresh start server and transfers in or out are currenlty unavailable. Take into consideration that “El Dorado” is legacy server.

I truly hope you can stick with us on Aeternum best wishes.
Keep gaming adventurer!

Hi, I’m not really doing well. This kind of ruined my plans to play with my friends and on top of that you’re suggesting that I spend $17.49 to transfer a character from the server I don’t want to play in and into the one I can’t currently access. Also I don’t know if that’s even possible because I just read that there might be an issue with transfers from a legacy server and into a fresh start one. On this point, you trying to explain to me how I can’t do something in a reply to my post on how I know I can’t do something, it isn’t really helpful or fix anything. Very frustrated by this really negative experience and also the lack of help or action coming from customer service and support.

Hey @Wingaling

To clarify the information you wont be able to transfer from “El Dorado” (legacy server) To Isabella (fresh server ) you can check the availability on the web site I just shared. QA for the Fresh start servers [Notice] Fresh Start World Rollout Plan and FAQ.

Regarding the transfer token I’d like to explain that it can only be obtained by the in game store can not be provided over the forums or support service.

Players will need to wait untill the merges to continue creating characters on it and please take into consideration that our team is actively looking into the populations to improve the servers. By last I kindly suggest to check the server status before start your adventure on Aeternurm.

Best wishes!

I was really looking for some way to fix this, but that just proved to be a waste of time. I’ve never experienced a game that had support that could do so little for players. I’m just going to do what I was thinking in the first place and I’m just going to get the game refunded. Tell your team I wish them the best. Seeya.

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