I just played a 12 vs 18 OR game

Worst experience I ever had in a video game, by far. Like seriously, why are you so bad amazon? Why such a game breaking and easy to fix bug takes so long for you to take action? Its like you are doing it on purpose.


zero AGS fault btw

If undersized and unbalanced teams keep occurring then it may well be AGS is forcing OPR pops even when there aren’t enough people queued.
Lots of games force bad PvP matchups just to have matches when the population is low.

That’s still no excuse for unbalanced player counts on teams.

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It’s a broken game mode. Has potential but a lot of it has to do with class/weapon balancing–and I feel sorry for the poor devs that have to tackle it.

Tbf, if I get on a team that is scattered and not working together and the other team has a group working together in discord, the game usually ends up extremely lopsided in their favor.

But I agree, game mode needs some serious help.

yeah, there is nothing they can do. Like this is impossible to solve puzzle really, they should give Nobel prize to the first half decent high school coder that solves it (in a couple of hours).

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Amazon is pissing people off on purpose.

Of course it isn’t. And it’s actually long-term a bad move because now the unbalanced teams becomes yet another thing that’s broken on top of exploiters, aimbots, afks, lag, etcetera etcetera.
All MMOs try so hard to save PvP that every step they take for short-term gain results in long-term player loss. Instead of fixing issues and making the game mode fun, they just throw bandaids.

AGS hasn’t been different and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are deliberately letting bad matchups go through if the queue exceeds a certain amount of time.

The reality is people simply won’t wait in a queue for too long. Not just “impatience” but IRL reasons. However eventually they won’t even queue up at all if they have a bad experience once the match gets going.

Just watch – next the PvPers are going to cry for even more incentives to encourage people to queue. Which just profits cheaters and brings in people who just show up and do the minimum to get loot, such as kill PvE monsters, but don’t care if they win or not.
Downward spiral. Happens in every MMO when the underlying reason is the game mode is not fun.

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unfair team base in opr is very frustrating for sure…
But I don’t think sometimes it is the definition of losing.

I think it’s partly because of the fact that in OPR party queue is placed in the same queue as solo queue, so if there’s like a 12 vs 13 in queue and the system picks up a party of 5, it becomes 12 vs 18 and since it reaches the minimum 30-player threshold the OPR proceeds disregarding the massive imbalance in one side.

One solution could be to strictly separate party queue and solo queue, but this would likely lead to longer queue times. Another solution would just be to disable party queue completely and have solo queue be the only option. (in my opinion matching party queuers against solo queuers have never led to a good experience in any game, it’s the reason why many online games be it the MMO or MOBA or battle royale genres strictly separate solo queue from party queue)

Did the match start 12v18 or did some people just drop out as the match progressed? If I get the movement bug…I just drop out.

FIX IT PLX AND ADD SERVER WIDE QUEUES. thanks :slight_smile:

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But what kind of thought process thinks this is an OK matchup to proceed with?
They can’t count properly how many on each side and keep filling the 12 team until it’s closer to 18?
Either it’s dumb decisions or poor coding. Neither is acceptable for a system that isn’t new to the industry. If AGS needs to reinvent the wheel with their own code then at least do it properly.

They probably don’t account for groups in the queue. AKA a group of 5 and group of 1 is counted as the “same.” So, when a group of 5 is placed on Team Blue, it doesn’t attempt to add 5 players to Team Red, it just takes the “next player” (even if it’s just 1). Then it goes back to Blue to add the “next player” (could be 2), then Red (could be 1 again), and so forth.

Pretty much, they just count the people that sign up at the faction vendor for selecting teams, and then the rest of the party can join the same team. This leads to these big number disadvantages starting off OPR.

Has AGS admitted this is a problem? No.

Has AGS suggested a fix? No.

Would AGS know how to fix this even if they did admit this was an issue? Probably not. Math isn’t good for them.

Has a member of AGS staff actually played more than one OPR match on a live server? Again, probably not. The amount of problems in this game mode leads me to believe that AGS runs a query to decide figure out how many people are getting rewards in OPR and that’s the extent of their research into the entire OPR experience.

You Are 100% Correct. I was on a terrible team. I just happened to kill someone on the other team that had 650 Azoth on them. The Slot had already 450 Azoth in it, and I got 2 Brutes.

With correct placement, We won the OPR. LOL

The simplest fix would be to disable group queue and only let players solo queue.

But you’re right, this will probably never get addressed.

The best fix is let people queue as a group, so someone in town can sign you all up, but once they’re in, split them up as needed.

I dont want to solo queue OPR only to get matched vs a premade group or a team of them.

When there are huge known exploits going around in PVP, you can bet that people will group up to accomplish them vs others even if just to be trolls.

Hence the 5 man IG/VG premade teams I saw over the weekend, literally trying to movement bug everyone.

As it is, I just ignore half the content in there and try to get my 500pts for my gypsum and promptly forget the mode exists after that. It’s not fun the way it currently works.

First of all, why would the game put a premade team of 5 into the side that has more players (12vs13) in your example? That is just beyond stupid.

Secondly, there is no balancing script whatsoever. I have seen numerous times that when there is 3+ imbalance and for example 2 new players join, the game with put them in different teams PRESERVING the imbalance instead of trying to fix it. That is also very stupid. Basically it only starts eliminating the imbalance when one of the teams gets 20 people.

What they should do is add some sort of a script that first tries to allocate big teams, than small, and then solo-queuers depending on where they are needed most. Clearly this is an oversimplification, but even this would solve like 90% of numbers imbalance in OR, or at least make them not as substantial. But if its too difficult for amazon, they can just disable the groups joining the OR like you suggested, that would improve OR as well from the sorry state it is in right now.

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it was 12 vs 18 when I loaded in. I made a head count and it was 11, one was probably still loading or I messed up my count.

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