I leave this game after 600 hours

There is no information about furniture yet. They know this and do nothing. Emails are not even answered. Think about it, I can’t trade big endgame trophies for what? Thousands of people are victims because 2 people made a dupe. THE YEAR is 2021 AND YOU ARE AMAZON.


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Sometimes it is best to take a break and reflect on things at a later time.

Don’t let things frustrate you if you can help it, although I will say despite the fact I very much enjoy the game even with the bugs, I can’t help but be demotivated at times with the current state of the game. I’ve found my own peace in fishing and taking things on a slower route but not everyone plays the same.

I hope you stick things out for the long run, but if not more power to you.

Not amazon tho. AGS. With incompetent leader, bunch of incompetent devs, and an amazing Art Team carrying their lazy bumps all the way.

As many of the people I know that quit already, many more are waiting for the game to improve to come back. I keep hearing that it’s an early access-like game.

I keep enjoying the game even with the bugs too. I think I may be addicted. HEEELP!!!

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