I like the game, but you're forcing me to quit

I don’t enjoy elite area runs and I don’t have a group for expeditions (nor do I enjoy farming for the orbs) so I simply don’t do them. As a result, my expertise is laughably low (~520) on most slots. I do enjoy the gathering, crafting, open world pvp, wars, all those things is why I still play the game. To stay competitive in pvp, I’ve crafted countless 595-600 range items, commissioned guild mates for others, and bought the missing pieces. I really liked how I could play this way, opt out of the parts of the game that don’t interest me, and still be able to compete in the parts that do on even ground.

With the upcoming changes, this will no longer be possible. Players who grinded their expertise will be able to upgrade their gear to 625, a massive advantage over someone who’s capped at 600. With the scarcity of expertise bumps in the activities I enjoy, this goal remains out of reach for me.

When you (AGS) backpedaled on the whole “expertise downscaling your gear”-thing and excluded self-crafted items I came to the false belief that my playstyle would be supported, and continued to invest in my crafting professions so I could craft my own 595+ gear on every slot once the patch hit. But now all of this is irrelevant since this gear won’t be able to compete with someone who can upgrade theirs to 625 anyway.

In the end, you found a way to force your expertise system on me despite your earlier concessions, so good job. You might say I’m playing the game wrong, but I don’t care. I’m done doing the whole “grind unfun stuff to be able to have fun”-thing in games, so this will be the end for me. It was really fun while it lasted, though.

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