I like the pvp update

I think the pvp update is a good direction. When open world pvp players are balanced it is really fun. I like that the quests get people to go Eastburn, although I find the quests very boring. I would like to see a reason to fight in more interesting areas with fast respawns. I have noticed lag sometimes when lots of people are pvping.

e.g. Respawn at the top of Ebsonscale mountains, and respawn at the bottom. People fight to take over the mountain or something. Or make the pve keeps in the grey zones capturable via pvp flag on. ( once captured the pve monsters work for your color?)

IMO the pvp track is a little slow, I would prefer this to be a bit faster. I think this would help new players.

I think including pvp item drops in dungeons would be nice for people that want to PVE.

I think quick respawns and less walking to find battle is important.

I also think having a bounty system e.g. someone with pvp on has a flag on their head as a valuable target.

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I think it would help if there were just more quests. Instead of win easy routes that everyone does over and over.

Also, I think the rewards of the missions should take difficulty into account. The further you have to go away from the fort, for example, to the more you get.

They are really, really close to some fun open world design.

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Hey there relgak, appreciate you taking the time to give some positive feedback, we love hearing about what parts of the game players are enjoying especially recent changes. Thanks and have a great week!

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