I like the PvPvE aspect of OPR more than just pure PvP

I like the PvPvE aspect of OPR more than just pure PvP.

Gives me more roles to play. I usually do some gathering and upgrading until i get the points i need then i take one of two paths:

  1. jump into PvP with my build of choice that i enjoy but may not be the best in effectiveness.

  2. go back to gather and return supplies to upgrade structures and repair damage.

Would be nice if the PvE elements were more interesting though. Better Summon options would be nice. Get rid of Bear or buff it. Would like to summon a Corrupted Knight :ghost: monster and maybe a Dragon Minion. That could be cool. Would like a better starter area and better structure designs


For all the hate the crayon eaters give OPR, it’s probably the most well-designed game mode AGS has created.

You won’t often here that though since most of the players aren’t good enough to understand the depth and complexity involved, so they just resort to whining about muskets and unga bunga tactics.


LOL what Depth and Complexity?

Well atleast someone likes it. Definitely need more PVP game modes instead of the random cluster fk that is OPR


Thank you for proving my point :slight_smile:

What parts of OPR do you struggle with?


the muskets and the matches going 50-1000 which I don’t like no matter which side I’m in.

Sounds like you’re not utilizing the side lanes, jungle, or backcapping strategies.

Musket users are easy to flank, and backcapping stops the 1000-50 scores nearly every time.

Proper use of jungle resources can also shift the momentum for your team to triple cap.

Only works if you can hold your own though!

OPR is just a MOBA map in a MMO, treat it as such and you’ll be winning games as a solo in no time.


In someway it feels a bit for me like the concept of Alterac battleground in wow vanilla at that time, a kind of mixed pve and pvp battle.

What point? Who said I struggle in OPR?

Please type up your master class thesis on OPR so you can teach everyone

Thing with MOBA is, it’s normally played 5vs5, with somewhat of a proper group composition, matchmaking and ranking with winning as a goal for all players.

New World ignored those crucial steps and made it 20vs20 free for all, so expecting everyone to play objective is just stupid and it’s not even fun since more than half of the team ignores all objectives. OPR could have been great but instead it’s a unorganized clusterfuck.

Ranked MOBAs, sure. But this is just your random quickplay yoloqueue.

You can always queue with a buddy or four!

Can pull off some really dirty tactics or just go for the coordinated kill squad.

I love the diversity of the maps.


Your assumption is not correct, the objectif focus in OPR depends a lot for the moment of your server population. I mean I transfert recently from Nysa to Thule to reduce logging queues. On Nysa players were not objectif focused as you describe your own server population.

But on the other side in OPR I run now on Thule most of players are really playing the BG as he should be run.

The part where people join a rushing mob and get creamed by rangeds

I’m too unexpendable as if to go around and do a back-cap, gank healers or ambush rangeds.

1 year into the game I kind of expected a bit more than a “yoloqueue” gamemode. I just do an occasional OPR nowadays and the gamemode isn’t aging very well so to say. It’s mostly premade groups who completely ignores objective and sit outside respawn. I don’t expect it to be any better with leaderboards introduced.

True. On multiple levels.

Leaderboards will be a dumpster fire and mostly serve as a badge of shame rather than an actual achievement.

Also, the extreme neglect from AGS in trying to create an actual PvP scene is disheartening to say the least.

Just enjoy what you can. I personally love flipping the momentum against premade stompy OPR groups and winning the game.


I actually agree with this point.

Would be nice if they made it 10v10 and the map a bit smaller. Would help limit the zergyness.

And split up premades and singles like they do in 3v3.

On a personal note if the map had less trees and more rocks would really help my laptop run it smoother. We need proper cover

There’s a proper flow and balance to any OPR. Your average player, like some of the above posters, doesn’t quite get how OPR works and just follows the masses. It’s easier for them to follow everyone charging Sun then it is to actually look at where the enemy team is and move to counter them. I too enjoy turning around a one-sided OPR match, when I’m on the opposite side, usually by back-capping their base, or just breaking down the gate/respawner/tent and then yeeting myself out of there like Zoidberg with my claws raised in the air and everything.

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If you need HIM to type the master class thesis on OPR, instead of understanding what he meant by his statement and indicating as such in your post, then clearly you’re one of those crayon eaters he mentioned earlier. :rofl:

Everything about this is great. Except for baroness (which should be a tug of war based damage competition where death also means you lose your damage contribution), the game mode is well designed. Including the PvE parts.

I don’t think anyone dislikes opr because of that though. It’s the pvp itself that’s problematic. Opr is the best way to frequently consume said pvp so it gets the most ire.

Opr would be amazing with proper match making.

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