I like the PvPvE aspect of OPR more than just pure PvP

As PvP’er I agree. Kinda sad how weak Brutes are at this moment. Sometimes you get randomly one and they literally are gone in seconds

Doors feel actually often more punishing. As archer I felt like I lose more than gain when some1 builds them tho. As meele it’s a death sentence if you don’t way earlier ahead.
But overall yea, the pve part still makes OPR better in my opinion

Good point. Yes, adding 25 gear score has a way of rendering them moot.

Yeah, they are weak, but I guess it’s intended that way, I mean, most of us have now a perspective of a player geared and with a global gs of 625, but for more casual players or new 60 with a basic stuff and low gs I’m not sure they are so easy.

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Ah true man. I didn’t play for awhile, but when I was Brutes were monsters lol.
And when I came back I got after some kills 500azoth, went there. And my brute was dead in half a min without having done anything. Quite a shocker. So is it gear? They probably nerfed it too right?

difficult to know if they’ve nerfed it or not, but on some OPR i see some players having hard time in killing it, probably fresh 60.

So you took my reply as actually wanting him to type up a master class? Who eats crayons again? You need to find a better phrase to regurgitate on the internet and slap whoever you took that from.

I was just looking to be educated by a seemingly master strategist

Ofc this what we have is much more interesting. You can build outposts give your teammates 9/18/27% attack and def power, new respawn point, boost your teammates by deposite battlebreads. It gives much more than anything else :slight_smile:

Everything you need to learn about OPR can be learned by playing it correctly.

Summons are useless. Brute used to be OP and now it is a nonfactor. Make the brute great again!

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