I like your game but, theres nothing to do right now


I’ve been playing the game since release and have reached a point where I’m losing the joy of playing.

This criticism is not directed at the bugs or the devs or the players but at the game concept and the current balance - I just notice how I am losing interest in a game that I otherwise really like.

What I’m getting at is what do I have to do now?

Summary of my character:

  • worn GS 580 - crafted armour and VoidBent.
  • all weapons expertise 590 ( except shield, jewellery )
  • some professions on 200 otherwise also everything on 200 ( harvesting etc )
  • three houses
  • money
  • have witnessed a successful company go under
  • have raised a company
  • have participated in a server merge
  • played on a lowpop server and on a highpop server
  • farmed for hours / days
  • spend money in skins
  • many wars, many opr, many invasions, many quests
  • everything

At the moment my gameplay depends on logging in daily and making my cooldowns, waste them in crafting and then playing OPR/wars. Everything else is only done when OPR gets boring, that’s it.

The following about the current content:

  • making weapons / armour only results in bad items even if you buy as much asmodeum, fun looks different.

  • if you get something good, god willing, it’s only marginally better than the previous stuff, so you might as well leave it alone.

  • Dungeons are boring, besides boring and easy mechanics, even with the mutators you don’t go in there anymore, you just don’t get anything out of it, if there are 600 items dropping they are bad you get a full inv with bad items nice

  • Quests are irrelevant

  • Money is irrelevant, what should you do with it? Empty the TradePost and use the resources for bad items?

  • Elite areas are useless when the expertise is up and after you have been there 500 times like in the dungeons what do you want there?

  • the TradePost offers everything you need, what should I go farming for?

  • you could still skill the other professions… but you just don’t need them

  • you’ve already done invasion once but why should you make such an effort, once is actually enough you’ve seen it once

  • are there any other activities? the only one i can think of is killing enemy players for no reason, but that doesn’t promise any rewards either.

  • almost all named items are bad ( few exceptions ), random 600 drops are also all bad

----------------- Cut

Now that there is something “new” on the PTR which is not new but again just the same content but only for people who were lucky enough to drop or craft perfect stuff with 600GS ( I think about 5% of the players ) I really wonder what else I should do.

This game has a huge problem and it’s not the bugs, it’s the rewards you get for your playtime.

Everything you can do does not help you progress. Hours of grinding for gearscore doesn’t get you anywhere if you still get green items dropping to 580 in the dungeons and 99% of all drops are just destroyed.

Crafting doesn’t do you any good if you need materials that have a cooldown from it and would need so many to craft something good that you spend months making thousands of failed attempts that you throw away.

I just can’t find anything to work towards that I feel is worth investing time in. Every piece of content you make is not worth it.

Yes, guys, that’s my biggest problem with this game, there are still things I could achieve, but it doesn’t do me any good to put so much time into them. There is a BIG why should i invest time in this? to get gear thats 0.000001% better in broken unbalanced pvp?

The rewards are far too small compared to the time and effort I put into it.

For example, I’ve been to Larazus over 50 times and haven’t gotten a single useful item for my class or anything better than I already wear. That is the sad summary of the dungeon runs. And that shouldn’t be the case even with 0 Luck.


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