I loesed my character progress

My character progressed back a whole day even though I didn’t get any gold as compensation!
Mission progress, equipment, profession level, character placement and gold have been reverted.
It is unacceptable that a person who does not use a bug, does not get buggy gold, has an undone character.
I demand my character be restored !!!

Good lord. They explained they had to do a server rollback. That obviously affects everyone. Unfortunate but it is what it is. Your demand will be denied.

Rollback is applied to entire database. Not just specific characters. Also there’s no way to verify what and how people did. Everything is gone since the rollback has overwritten the live database.

I lost about 6 hours of play so not like everyone else

i feel same ;(

Hello, I also lost over 12 hours of play … Lost 1 whole level lvl 55. And I lost 2800 sales gold! On the other hand, the object to was sold. Are you doing it on purpose on a logical level?