I love the changes to the Grav well. But

I’m a GA and hatchet user. Since the game launch this is the only thing I play. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
When it was nerfed, everybody was raging about it. But to me, its was ok. I mastered the weapon. I can defeat VG, bows, IG, you named it. its was not weak, and not overpowered.

But the Grav well… anyone with a little bit of skill is able to dodge it, easily. So on PVP, it is a skill that I use to force my enemy to expend a skill. if he is dumb enough to stay inside, to bad for him.

Now, wit the new changes. I think the root is too much. Grav well does’t need root.

To be fair, IMO, ROOT in this game is CANCER. And should be removed from every weapon ability.

Please do not add root to Grav well.

All the best,

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