I love the game but

i love this game put way to many hours into it then healthy but

some areas are difficult to walk. let alone fight water high enough that you walk slowly.
enemies who get agro from you too easily
camera angle ensures that you can’t see anything.
the dodge system is weird in my eyes with heavy amor you can dodge twice with medium armor you can dodge 3 times with light armor also only 2 times
I’ve fought enemies that if I dodged attacks I got caught by the third.
playing to magic class.
I have no defense like stuns and interrupts.
I played with sword and shield for a while and unfortunately my suspicion was true make the game a lot easier.

I mainly play alone and parts of the game are almost impossible to do. can an argument be made of getting better at the game

Well there should not be mobs in the middle of roads I know that much.

there is this place in reekwater calt lambent muskeg where i have the most problems but that not the only place to play as a caster and use light amor be treu to the consept you need to be way over leveld to do some if not almost all content i get schreded apart bij almost every thing blocking is to slow mob have freaking aim assist once i was fight this knight typ of mob and he had a salto in to a sword slam kinda attack i dodge to his back on time he made a 180 in the air to freaking hit me

I’m sorry man, but I have no idea what point you’re trying to make. Your entire thread was one massive run on sentence. I would edit your thread, and rewrite it if you want advice and/or feedback.

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