I love this game so hear me out and add good feedback

TL;DR - Return all gold to companies that took territories and set them to neutral and have them upgrade with random roll and normal taxes till pvp can be fixed. All those that still want to pvp can go to outpost rush.

So let me preface this with I LOVE THIS GAME!! I really do. But the bugs and exploits are killing the game for the majority of the community. Wars and pvp are end game but it is so riddled with bugs and exploits you can’t do it fairly or balanced. Skills and gear aren’t working as intended and exploits are easy for those that are willing to use them and those trying to play the game without it have to be full or 100% try hards to actually do anything to fight back.

I propose we turn wars off till they fix them. Make the territories that are occupied back to neutral and set taxes to normal in all territories. Then have the upgrades do random roll server side so as soon as a new one can be started it will start as long as the territory has enough gold to do so. Return all the gold to the companies that were holding or have held at any point since the game started if possible.

Those that still want to pvp can go to outpost rush and with wars being disabled this will get A LOT of people signing up, obviously that’s speculative but I believe it will happen.

This is the best idea I have to help to keep the servers and game alive and fair. Let me know what you all think and keep it civil please. I really want this game to survive.

(It’s not like Amazon will listen to this but it’s an idea right?)

Outpost rush is still making people permanently dead apparently.

I love this game too for what it’s worth. It’s just really falling apart at the seams this patch.

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I didn’t know outpost was still having issues. But with this plan they can focus on just fixing that then and then come back to all the other issues letting the devs target rather than spread out thin trying to fix everything at once?

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I agree pretty much.

They need a test server to let lots of people break things for them. Whatever they are doing to test isn’t working.

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