I need help with my int tank

  • im tanking with mage tank, is hated important for magic weapons if i already have it in sword and shield? i have despised aswell, i want to know if i need hated on my magic weapons, im using carnilean gems on weapons aswell

You’re barking up a difficult tree. Magic weapons don’t have a taunt. If you’re using Ice Gauntlet for the stamina perk it has while blocking it might be something worth investigating as long as the ice gauntlet you’re using has the sturdy perk. But to cause enough damage to be able to hold aggro you’d have to invest heavily in Int. To be honest with you the most effective tanking is with melee weapons.

Having said that, I could see a future where you have an Ice Gaunt with hated/sturdy. Maybe make a 250/250 Int/Con build. But to take advantage of the elemental gems for your sword and shield, you’d be giving up on the carnellian.

I’ve seen people successful with lifestaff as their weapon swap. Because healing also causes a bunch of passive threat.

prob wouldn’t hurt if your trying something with an ice gauntlet since its more utility type weapon and you’re not really auto attacking i’ve tried coming up with a concept as well but the only problem you may have is when you try to keep aggro on sword auto attacks might not draw enough damage but that seems like something you may just have to try for yourself

and you’re also going to leave out some cruical things like off hand rends and CC you’re leaving on the table maybe ice gauntlet can be better for pulling aggro but once the fight is on keeping them on you is going to be a rough task, always thought itd be funny to pull them and use healing tomb as an oh crap handle

im using sns with carn for the taunt and more threat, and magic weapons depending of the enemys with carn gem for mor aggro but doesnt have taunt but is fine because of the gem, i want to know if hated on the magic weapons is worth over a dmg perk? i have despised perk and hated on sword and the shield, so i would like to know if i go secure with hated or dmg perk?

Yeah, hated got buffed a lot. According to the tooltip it’s about half as good as a pristine carnelian. Unless you’re trying something very wonky, you’ll usually have more con than damage stats so the hated/carnelian etc. is way more useful than damage.

My guess is hated perk, because there is no damage perk that can make you do 145% more damage. That’s how much threat the hated perk increases, so the damage perk has to match that in order to compete in threat generation.

But, in the grand scheme of things, ice damage is problematic in corrupted dungeons, which does -40% damage to corrupted. And most of our dungeons are corrupted.

If I remember correctly, ice gauntlet got high blocking like 30%, which is the second best blocking value in the game after tower shield.
And blocking= generating threat.

For your question, int tank you mostly wanna deal great dmg, to get aggro on mobs and with hated perks, you should generate more threat.

Yeah this can be abit tricky for an int tank.

I appreciate people’s creativity in trying to find new ways to tank. But yeah the way weapons work, it can be hard.

Yeah thats one way I dislike with nw weapon system.

You don’t need blocking but fortify and ice gauntlet it’s bad for that. Dunno why people are mentioning it. Run a VG. It has aoe with oblivion 30 fortify when you scream 3 enemies blade gives 20% fortify for 5 sec. Your void caller does aoe damage as well + you buff teammates and weaken enemies. Sword and shield it’s not good in this scenario so you can just get hammer and shockwave as off hand