I need these cosmetics AGS :)

Hi there,
Is there any plans to bring back the “Silent Death” armour skins? I need them !

Best skins i’ve seen in a long while in any game, perfect for my murder hobo Bow user.


Surely they can be offered again for Halloween?

There are some great skins coming this Halloween.

The “silent death” trio wasn’t offered last Halloween, I think they were released this last May. I’m not sure if they will re-release last year’s Halloween skins as they haven’t had many skins come back since launch.


For me I grow tired of all my skins buyed, except Runic Bear skin, first skin I buy at launch.
Other skins now I really regret buying them.

I hope they come out with another skin line similar to it.

Hopefully it’s as spicy as a kinky jalapeno.

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Bummer, I’d pay good money for them :frowning:
I was away from the game when they were offered.

Hey Walruss, is there a place to see said skins for this event?


Maybe :slight_smile: - I’ve sent you details.

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