I need you to vote for this

Dear developers , Id like to invite you to live stream in OPR , against players ofc , they will show you for sure how broken this game it is. Are you in or not ? the answer will show how much you care about this game and players .


I swear all I read is adults crying about nothing. No games are perfect and one thing we all know as adults people will never be satisfied so like really. Contents being added and will be added you instant gratification people kill me. Like a two-year-old with a fit.

so then what are you crying about. you are crying about people who are crying about nothing?

get over yourself

you are the pathetic one


Be glad ya got something to play. The way you play it. Have you forgot AOL and runescape. Fucking ungrateful bro. Crying because idk how you got threw life being a baby back and thinking your opinion matters.

its a bad look when you self-insult

try not to do that in the future

Ok pappi. Whine on.

I am not crying , its obvious they blind , so id like them to see it. Adult people ? :smiley: Kido i am playing games since my 12 and i am 37 now, 16 years of WOW so please be quite. Id like this game to be succed you know, thats the main point of this.

you are childish one :slight_smile: for sure , tell me what is wrong with see developers enjoing pvp as much as we do xD

sorry I was responding to eleannemason. I find your post to be fine (I have no issues with you) and I agree with that OPR should be played by the devs a bit on stream.

At the very least it would be funny :stuck_out_tongue:

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Game is not broken, OPR is. Worse PvP instance I have ever done in an MMO.

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Playing wow that long should bring a thought into your brain. It’ll never be what you want. So like it or find something else.

Yeeeh , i think so :)))

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Alert Alert Alert

Robot boomer in the vicinity.

Shut up and eat your food or don’t eat at all!

damn kids on my lawn

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As I thought :))) Enjoy your day kido :slight_smile:

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100% Agree with what you said. The game is good.

The problem is the PVP side of the game that is unplayable.
In fact the 99% of the complaints of the game arrive from PVP players. They are not wrong here.

PVE ? Very good pve content imho and old school enough to keep you playing for days and days.

PVP ? Hell no.

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they are not plaiyng thier game which is obvious … only %5 percent of the player base bothered to enter the end game dungeons or manage to kill the bosses yet they are bringing mutations over it .Jesus your %95 player base didnt even bothered to enter or managed to kill the standart version !!!


Would love to see this. Would love it even more to join vs. them, extract a little bow revenge. >:)

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very good PVE ?? check the numbers !!! both Lazrus and genesis only %5 of the community managed to kill the boss …god knows howmany bothered to enter there even ???

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Yes, i should write broken PVP not the game :slight_smile: for sure

Yes, for all the complaints, a lot of us have sunk hundreds of hours into the game and we are still playing it. Would not do it if it was not fundamentally good. But there are lots of issues.

Well I would not say 99% as there are some major issues with Zergs and expedition Orbs. But yes, probably most complaints are regarding PvP, which sucks.

Lets not get carried away. New World has a beautiful world but seeing people zerging to do chest runs and portals is just embarrasing as I have not seen anyone consume endgame content like that in other MMOs.

And expeditions, although very well designed, are behind the stupid orbs, which are universally hated. But…

Yes, PvP sucks in New World and this is from someone who enjoys PvP in MMOs. I loved the territory control of Albion Online and loved the casual PvP and instances of Warhammer Online. But the PvP in New World is just plain bad. Wars are in-accessible for the majority, OPR is boring asf and combat is just dominated by DPS with burst damage of 5000 hp when most people have around 10k hp.

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