I need you to vote for this

Agree on everything you said. Regarding the zerg chest run, In my server they started to organize groups of like max 10 - 20 people. Mandatory to kill every boss and mob. Specific for PVE players. Just for fun and to do the content as it should be. It’s very fun looks like a dungeon raid in this way.

Regarding the guy that said 5% did only laz gen, well, I don’t know man, they are easy enough to be done even with bad equip. If people are interested in doing only PVP, maybe they should find a game designed for PVP only. This is a game that tries to mix PVP and PVE together. There are better PVP games out there for sure.

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Yep, that is how the content should be done but because of everyone Zerging them, there is no point and not enough people to do the content like that.

Well the thing is, even PvP centric MMOs, such as Albion Online, have PvP tied together with PvE. I have never played an MMORPG where you can do exclusively PvP. What would be the point? Just play MOBAs/PUBGs if you just want to PvP and nothing else.

Please detail parts that u consider it should be fixed or adjusted. And also how.

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