I no longer play this game but

Since 1.1 patch, my dead server became a even more dead, and I stopped playing this game, I keep checking forums and reddit for one of these announcements:

  1. New Transfer Ticket Wave

  2. Merges

  3. Reverting of nasty changes that alienated most of players

Every few days I check forums and reddit, for official announcements and check if there are new patchnotes. Nothing only theres nothing related to these, with every new announcement, tone deafness between playerbase and AGS are becoming more apparent.

I want this game to become good again so I can return to it, but every week it becomes even more unlikely and that is due to the fact AGS is doubling down on massive mistakes they did.

I will say this for the development team: I don’t know who is chiefly responsible for these decisions but he/she is completely incompetent and should not be making these decisions.


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