I oppose forced PvP of any kind, but bots (TL;DR at bottome of novella)

There’s a need to clarify here before going any further.

PvP has been a part of my gaming experience since SWG. Hating and loving it have both been there as well. Both optional and non-optional PvP have been a part of theses experiences.

The skills for PvP were simply not attainable for several personal reasons. Yet because of the enjoyment at the time it was something to be overlooked.

When at my peak these skills were mediocre at best. As mentioned above that experience while incredibly frustrating at times could be overlooked.

Eventually there were certain forms of PvP that were more enjoyable than others. In particular non-optional PvP became something to be avoided in any form. The reasons for this conclusion are several and have been debated too many times for discussion now.

Before the next statement it must be absolutely clear that there has been no change in my position on non-optional PvP. None.

Except for bots.

Bots appear to be on every server multiplying like cockroaches. The are everywhere they are taking over our farming regions they are farming adventuring areas apparently for xp and coin. This no longer a surface issue. It is greatly impacting our enjoyment of the game at a very base level.

Any official response to this has of course included that they are listening and working on the problem. Naivete is rampant in life for some people. Here is some more: I actually believe them. There is no doubt that they have done some things to address the issue. It’s clearly not enough.

Whoever AGS has contracted with to handle customer service in the form of bot reports has failed miserably at it’s job. Countless reports are being repeatedly submitted for days and weeks. These reports are being ignored. Not responding is the equivalent of not hearing and not caring.

Whatever is happening internally won’t be considered. As people grow increasingly frustrated the willingness to hear the other side plummets.

Real world issues may be driving the current lack of response. These are becoming of much less import for me. Publishing the process of any action against bots should not be published on the front page. No one wants to give elements of any plan to the enemy.

Response combined with immediate action following must happen.

After all this time I am being pushed to the edge. That edge is for non-optional PvP to be implemented in one area of the game and one area only.

This is not something I want. This is a bad decision. It will drive a large portion of the population from the game. Perhaps eventually myself included. It will make things miserable for those of us who simply enjoy wandering this wonderful world and gathering along the way.

The lack of response and action can imply a tech solution appears to be impossible. Forcing PvP on anyone gathering anywhere seems to become the only viable solution. Slaughtering bots is a dream for many players. The entertainment value eventually dies off for new experiences offered.

I do not advocate using this solution. However, I want to make it clear to AGS just how serious a problem this has become for us.

If something is not done soon the detriment to the game will only continue to grow.

This is not just because of the bots. In part it will be the appearance of a company that doesn’t care. Claiming to listen simply to quiet the troubled. Both silence and inaction are the issue. One without an immediate set of actions can no longer be enough. It will appear to be not simply the devs who are not concerned. Management will become part of the problem. The majority of people working at AGS implicated leaves the company lying in the shadow of this inaction.

This would not be the end of AGS. None of this will probably be the end of NW. It could be these things. Doom-saying though is never a good predictive process.

Negative results will follow this silence and inaction. The hyperbole, name calling, and ad hominem are however not of any use. Responses like these are as empty of force as the promises of action.

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Bots are bad.

AGS can’t seem to solve it.

Whoever deals with reports appears inattentive.

Forced PvP is bad for many players.

Many players will leave because of it.

Bots are bad for many players.

Killing bots is fun.

When gathering PvP should become auto-enabled.

Then and only then.

I hate this proposal. It is a very bad idea.

But I’ve got nothing left and apparently so does AGS.

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