I read the PTR patch notes and i stopped when i saw "void gauntlet"

No nerfs. just a slight change to what one perk was doing. How disconnected can you be from what your players have been telling you for ages. DEVS seriously, get on these forums EVERYDAY and read what people are saying. This is your big game. Your chance to make something awesome… and youre just ham fisting everything with blinders on. Dont change gravity well with what how youre changing it. I dont even play great axe, its already easy enough to escape from… NERF THE VOID GAUNTLET A BIT! you dont have to go crazy on it, just tone down the damage on voidblade a little, maybe shrink the circumference of oblivion a little, tweak the ultimates an some of the lifesteal you get from it, and the voidblade. And change the root duration on the scream. Theirs already to many void gaunts everywhere, now with the changes youre implementing theirs going to be even more. Listen to what the players are telling youuuu.

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