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Yeah! IRL companies can’t do this kind of stuff due to laws! /s

Dude, people are fallen creatures. And you can’t legislate morality.

And yes it does suck.

This is happening on most servers, AGS doesn’t care about it. It’s been reported many times on different servers even with proof that some companies are actively selling gold using the gold generated from those territories.

Personally I think that wars should only be filled with people from those factions to prevet cross faction alliances and payments and stopping the game of thrones politics on servers. So many servers have been killed off by things like this. I also think that like others have suggested that if you successfully defend a territory then you shouldn’t be able to participate in another defense for 24 hours etc.

This isn’t just a case of win trading or a simple case of factions working together this is a company taking multiple territories, transferring to another faction then taking those territories back while preventing the current faction from defending by kicking/banning people from the war.
There is no real fix for it but it is a massive exploit.

I understand but it happens on many servers, people change faction or get paid to trade faction and those companies take the territory with them.

On my server the companies that owned WW and EF change factions and did the same thing, then paid other companies to change factions but those companies have kept one person to “manage” the territory but they refuse to attack those territories and they are the ones that defend it. It pretty much means a faction can have 6 territories while technically being the “weaker faction” so new players sign up for that faction or companies transfer over to help them.

Yes the whole settlement/tax system gotta be completely revamped and the gold made by cities that make huge amount of gold needs to be reduced, or removed from player hands and add more stuff that companies can do with “settlment money”.

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