I spent 3 hours trying to find furnishing schematics

And the results were awful.

In an attempt to be the IKEA of New World, my sole purpose having reached level 60 is to now attain all of the furnishing schematics available. According to NWDB, there are currently a total of 228 furnishing schematics to collect in which I have found, purchased and gathered 74 which I don’t think is too sad.

I recently planned an adventure to cover all of the available chests, stockpiles and stashes in Mourningdale which took approximately 3 hours to do and I was absolutely stumped when I returned back having received only a Cot and ​Maple Shelf schematic. This was extremely disappointing.

For context - all of my gear has 2.6% luck and above and I have a minor trophy in one house.

I fully appreciate that schematics are meant to be rare, and finding them down to chance but for completionists this creates an almost impossible task. I don’t have a proposed solution to fixing this, but I wanted to create a space for everybody to share their thoughts and feedback for anybody in a similar boat.


Go higher Lunar, go to Great Cleave, Shattered Mountains, Edengrove and don’t forget the cute plants from Ebonscale. Even low lvl areas have a chance of dropping rare furniture so show those areas some love. I got an epic musket schematic from Monarchs yesterday I think.

It’s funny you say that because I started in Mourningdale because I had exhausted all efforts in Shattered Mountains with very little success their too!

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LOL this is depressing. I hope I have better luck than you, you might have to get full luck gear going, throw on some gem sockets where needed and say a prayer to Angry Earth.

Please angry earth, accompany Lunar in their quest to be the server IKEA!

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This is just a speculation but with the 1.1 patch there was also an unintentional decreased loot quality and amount from elite chests that I strongly believe has also affected lower tiered chests.

Before the patch I had quite successful runs of big supply chests in WF where I’d get a decent haul of various furnishings and schematics but now after several full runs I can barely get a handful of items, let alone any useful schematics.

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Maybe socketed gems are the answer… more shinies in → more shinies out!

I was wondering whether lower tier chests were affected too - quietly praying that this is the answer and everything goes back to normal.

I was hoping there might be more posts on the forum about this issue but it seems not many have picked up on it. It’s really the only explanation that I could come up with that makes sense and hopefully when they fix the elite chests issue this also gets fixed at the same time.

I wouldn’t mind an explanation from Amazon as to whether these schematics are zone-bound or whether they are truly random drops. All of the resource sites I have checked just show the recipes as a 0.001% drop change regardless of area.

I was very lucky yesterday running, had a few furniture and 1 or so schematics.

Today I ran my route and only got 1 base schematic.

I wonder if they have reduced the furniture drop rate with this patch, because people end stuck in their bags with it, can not sell/can’t drop.

Has anyone felt a difference in drop rate for furniture pieces after the patch today, or have I been just very unlucky today?

Furnishing is the most useless trade. Once you reach 200 you have to rely on luck to be able to craft anything of use. Most other trades can make money or benefit from items that simply unlock through levelling, not luck.

I know since the furnish freeze i’ve gotten very few furniture items that are just building up in my inventory. Normally i think i would have many furniture items like cups and whatnot to use or trash.

I did a small chest run and got 10 schematics, my next one probably will give 0 that’s how rng works

Just got black-lacquered armoire from a chest in windsward. They have the same chance to drop tier 4 schematics.
I would also like to add that the chance to find a tier 4 schematic is so low, you feel like winning the lottery.
Best way to get full sets is trading post.

@Lunar I have full set black-lacquered, well-polished, gothic, bloody, maritime, etc… The only set I don’t have is Jade, which I’m almost sure it doesn’t drop at all.

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There not a lot of info about this, but certain furniture and schematics only drop from chests in Ebonscale reach

This includes teak, rosewood and jade furnisher schematics

There is also a rare drop table specific to the chests in ebonscale that include a fish bowl, and telescope

HOWEVER all of the new schematics including jade, rosewood and teak permanently delete when you salvage them

It’s been like this since they were added to the game, no news that devs know it’s broken or it will ever be fixed

Also, furnishing items add little to no points to your house, this is why most top houses are empty with a ton of points. You increase your points by doing missions in town, not by the way you decorate or the furniture you collect

The furniture company on my server used to be full, it has 20 people now because everyone who loves furniture had to stop playing

It’s confusing, frustrating, and you’ll always feel like you’re forgotten. The farthest I ever got was a dev on here named Mugsy said he would find out what was wrong and get back to me, but surprisingly he never did lol :roll_eyes:

TRICKY TO FIND? Jade, rosewood and teak are broken! It doesn’t matter if anyone finds them they permanently delete after you salvage them

Why would anyone be grinding for furniture right now?

And please explain to me why AGS jumps to adding more things like furnisher quests like that’s a priority when the old furniture you added hasn’t worked since you added it? I’m so confused.

Mine are learnt after salvaging.

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