I started a petition to open PvP servers. Please sign it if you want PvP servers too

What if governors could do a town project to make an entire zone forced pvp with increased pvp rewards/luck

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That would be awesome

Town owners are likely PvPers, hence how they got the town so I don’t think their bias towards pvp would be reflected by the general population. It’s not as though we vote in representatives…

What I would like to see would be a separate instance on each server for Flagged v Non-Flagged. Would solve a lot of issues like lag, adding additional non-bot contested nodes which would increase the amount of people in the world for PvP.

Full loot pvp lets gooo!!


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not full loot…

Impossible. it’s almost like comunism

Think full loot servers would be a ghost town though not opposed to areas of the map that are full loot as an experiment.

I think there original design w conditional full loot was the way to go. It’s similar in design to lineages pk/reputation system and one that were seeing in the obscure mmo called fractured. NW could in fact do what blizzard has done forever in that regard and just take what works in other games and put in this one. take the karma system, bounty hunt system and jail system and incorporate into nw and leave out the no access to banks or markets or do but create a designated pirate/criminal city where those restrictions do t apply. I think given the setting a rogue/pirate haven would fit in real nice w the game lore.

inventory loss plus diminishing durability w limited repair would ensure enough fun for pvpers and the crafters who fuel them. ofc the problem is that gear progression makes gear loss in current game iteration impossibly unpalatable.

I very much like Albion concept of pvp.
And on the other hand I have played Lineage 2 for years…

There are plenty of options.

I did too for a while. it grows boring. there’s a nice middle ground to have w pk and reputation systems that doesn’t devolve into all out gang warfare which full loot games inevitably do. or the flipside enough ppl just hold hands and NAP to avoid resource loss and that’s usually to RMT the resources to fund the ppl who play full loot and willing to buy the gear again. it’s a dystopian nightmare.

Exploiters gonna exploit, no matter what counterattack you will prepare.
What I like on open world pvp the most is that additional layer of strategy you need to apply to gather, move around or whatever else. Like ganking, guild wars, etc. We play mmo, not a single player game, right… I understand this type of gameplay is not for everyone, sure… but compromise could be always the option, like pvp limited zones or whatever. On the other hand, NW game world is really small in terms of player count. I think pvp players would easily fill a few additional servers.

oh agreed I think inventory drop on death, every death pve and pvp would make gathering challenging and fun wo the pain of gear loss. I’d be in favor of full loot w gear loss if gear if it was readily replaceable, most middle tier sets might be but lot of the gathering sets wouldn’t be.

I think 1-2 full loot server per region as experiment would be good I think we see the effects of 2500 player servers on performance and gathering availability. A full loot server w around 1000-1500 players concurrent anytime of day might just be the perfect server to play on tbh

just my preference for pvp servers overall would either be everyone is flagged no drop. or partial loot drop but pk/reputation/bounty/jail system to temper it.

jails and bounties make for fun content on their own and create natural incentive to anti pk which helps to balance the server overall imo

Not on the forums? Not clicking on this particular thread in the forums. Not clicking the link to sign because myriad reasons.

That’s like if I made a petition for … transmog or mounts or raids … and got almost no traction (which it wouldn’t), saying a lot of people don’t support those things.

Do better. Think harder.

This may be true, and I can understand, I am not a fan of signing petitions myself and so I would hesitate as well. However, it does beg the question, if there is so much support, how does the petition help if nobody is willing to sign it and prove the point?

In this case, the petition almost hurts the point its trying to make because of it. In the past 24 hours there have been 3.5k active users on the forums, 7.6k in the past 7 days, just using that as a metric it makes it hard to take the petition seriously.

Now, I am not against the idea of PvP servers, if the devs were to put them in, great, so this isn’t me trying to tank this post at all, just pointing out that right now it seems like there are too few willing to put their name on the dotted line to support it and no way to prove that there are more in support.


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Too many variables to make any data reliable, to be honest. I think if AGS sent out a twitter poll or something, we could get a rough idea. But with how many people quit this game – for so many different reasons – and are no longer on the forums…

For example, there is a strong likelihood that people who are more interested in PvP servers are not playing this game (since it doesn’t have pvp servers) and therefore not on these forums, versus people who are happy with the game as it is.

Even the numbers are deceiving. Let’s say there were 7.6k unique active users on the forums in the last week. And a paltry 250 signed the petition. That’s pretty shitty. But it’s still about 3% of active forum users. Now, let’s consider the highest concurrent peak of players: 913,000. Guess what 3% of that is? It’s over 27,000. Now… concurrent players is just playing at once, not total players. I have seen it reported that New World sold over 4.5 million copies in just the first month. Guess what 3% of 4.5 million is… 135,000. I think that’s enough to warrant a PvP server or two… in my humble opinion.

I do agree, though, since people don’t understand scale, it looks worse than having no poll at all. Haha.

That would be: a hoot/infuriating/so fun/good therapy/make me shout at my scream in rage/where I would spend a lot of time.

Oh yes.

Just my opinion here, but I am more inclined to listen to the opinions of 1 player that has stayed and been active over 10 who left and came back. Not that their opinions dont matter, just that if they wanted a louder voice in the conversation they should have remained active and loyal on some level (even if only on the forums). I feel this way about any player, not just PvP.

Sure, they are deceiving, but we can only count on those who are active on the forums for a player driven poll or petition. Unless the OP or others start advertising on all of the servers in general chat, posting on other forums like reddit or twitter… etc. then this is the target audience. With that said, sure compared to the overall player base even the active forum user numbers are small. This falls into the marketing of the petition, if its only been posted here and discussed in general on say one or two servers, the target audience is what it is and 250 is still a very small percentage.

Now if this were a poll and used polling methodologies/data I would agree with your assessment that the percentage of those who signed is representative of the % for the whole community, but this is far from a true polling, this is a targeted audience, not a random sampling, and makes it hard to completely get behind that argument.

Anyway, definitely food for thought, will be interesting to see what, if anything, the developers do from here.

Have a good one!


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They will absolutely launch PvP servers, but I think it will be when they get desperate lol… like archeage and its constant “fresh start” cycle. And I think they will be incredibly popular at launch. Whether or not they stay that way I am less sure.

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You have no clue what pvp player wants … We don’t want fabricated pvp we want chalange to get ganked or be ganking others for reasources. We want that adrenaline rush not some event with rewards. We want natural hatred of players as a reward or feel good by outplaying gankers

One thing guys. This game has 3 factions. And in open world you can farm with other factions without any threat hmm. Atleast then i started i thinked i could kill other faction members but no they can disable pvp. So then you think that pvp players will search forums for petitions witch dosent mean anything you are mistaken and pvp players has huge player base witch you got removed after couple months from opening. Atleast our clan with 50+ players moved on. and i know other couple clans with same numbers witch left. Do pvp server and you will see how clueless you are PVE players. Don’t get me wrong we like PVE content but we like it with some danger behind the corner.