I still can xfer

I have the trading post bug. Is this known and is there a pending fix?


Lots of people with the same problem. Not known fix, no further communication from AGS.


Thank you. UGH. This sucks.

Yup seems like they can’t afford a weekend support team for a AAA mmo.

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Pretty sure everyone at amazon thinks trading post is fixed now or something

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Me too, I still cannot transfer…

@Luxendra we still have 20-30 members stuck after the update from last night.


Yep. Still stuck on tritonis - haven’t bought out or sold anything in a few days… The gold fix didn’t work out for me and a few others

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Same, stuck while everyone I know xferred… this is so stupid.

Same Here ZMaN - STILL stuck on Tritonis, All orders canceled 3 days ago. Cannot complete step 2 of transfer process - says I still have items on the Market - but I do NOT. Shows 0 items on the market. I am stuck here with no guild (Most of my company transferred off of Tritonis) But I cannot - due to this bug. AGAIN. My other friends had to start on yet another server (due to the horrendous Q times on Release) - so now, i’m separated from my guild, as well as my friends. At this point - i’m shelving New World until this gets fixed. Hopefully this gets fixed, and SOON before too many people get fed up and stop playing.

Hello Adventurers! :axe:

I’m very sorry about the situation regarding the failed attempt to transfer worlds. We are aware of a few states that will block players from transferring due to having active contracts, even if all of their contracts appear closed. This includes players who are unable to cancel active contracts. The team is currently working on finding a fix for this issue and will be updating you guys on the forums ASAP

Please do keep an eye on the forums and the Known Issues - New World for future updates on this issue. Thank your very much for your patience!