I still love this game and will continue to play until I can. Read if you want a little break from all the negativity in the forums

This is an appreciation post.

I live in a country in Asia which means I constantly play with 200ms ping. I cant do PVP or wars and yet, I love this game.

I was introduced to New world in November by a friend saying that it’s a mix of skyrim and runescape. I was instantly hooked.

I looked up to all the players in fancy gear, fighting monsters, crafting amazing weapons and the game had something for everyone.

For me, it’s been an amazing journey.

From saving up to buy my first voidbent, to getting my first lazarus bow (Also I play Bow/Spear and I still love it).

I love just teleporting to RS sometimes, farming silk, hemp, meeting people and chatting up.

I love interacting with new people in expeditions, you often have very interesting talks.

Sometimes there’s some nice music being played when everyone is farming Male.

The game has so many things that I love and honestly, it’s amazing.

I haven’t played a lot of MMOs, I dont like the entire point and click genre or the craze to max out everything.

Im just a casual gamer who likes to come online, chill out, maybe help people and game on.

And for me, New World is still an amazing experience.

So if you are out there, reading through forums and seeing a lot of negative posts.

I just want you to know that there are still players like me who enjoy the game and are looking forward to the upcoming changes.

And if a 200 ms casual player like me still enjoys OPR sometimes vs trying to get every single edge in the game, you too can enjoy it!

Let’s build a better aeternum together.


Did you have to bring critics into this? This was fine as an appreciation post without ironically skewing the post negative and trying to bring down critics with it.

I never said that the critics are wrong in feeling the way they do.
All I’m trying to say is that despite what critics may say, the game has a lot of things to enjoy.

The two statements can co-exist.


Sure, but your post is just kind of dragged down by comparisons. There’s no need for them to coexist, you could just appreciate the game without having to be like “dEsPiTe CrItIqUe”

Glad you are having a good experience in new world. My problem is that im goal oriented which kinda turned it into a job but thats on me. I think if i took your approach i would enjoy it alot more. I do enjoy alot of the people I have met and see the possibilities. Thank you for the post.

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In enjoying NW it really helps to be easily distracted (no tea no shade-- I was and am which is why I keep logging in at all).

The world is full of opportunities to explore and come out ahead.

IMO, coming off GW2, if they took notes from how they handle the open world I think they’d come out with great ideas. Especially, in the beauty of NW, vistas-- little cinematic viewpoints that give a quick hit of XP and a killer view-- would be an amazing addition.

It’s funny that this game lets you level virtually any way but it was Wildstar who launched trying to ensconce playstyles like explorer… exploring in NW is fun! I’m hoping they add more to it.

So yea as u can see pretty ez 2 distract

Johnny Raincloud can’t even read an appreciation post without storming. Hasn’t Lost Ark hemorrhaged enough players for you to move on to other forums?


YOU are dragging down the post…


He has been on this “Hate New World” Campaign for quite a while.

You guys can’t appreciate the game without needing to point out how much bad press it gets, or how many people criticize it. It just makes me wonder.

I took time off from the game since January and just recently returned. I have a much healtheir outlook towards the game now. I’m able to appreciate it for what it is without being as frustrated with its shortcomings and issues.

Hopefully it improves in those areas and welcomes players back to an improved experience.

The housing and furnishing is fantastic. The outfit costume artwork variety is very good. A lot of detail and effort went into designing them. I transferred off Valhalla which I returned to and found dead, to Pluto and its amazing. Its like launch month population here and it feels great.

Its funny you mentioned Restless Shores. Its my favorite zone to run around in. My company owned it for the first six weeks on Valhalla and I spent a lot of time there doing pvp missions and gathering. I like to port there now and do gathering laps of wood and harvesting still.

I think for players that enjoyed Runescape there’s a strong pull to New World. I’m slowly working on my professions now. I have all gathering and refining to 200+ except Fishing. I could spend months just slowly working on my crafting professions. And i’m fine with that. I enjoy the game more now casually.

The harsh competitive pvp side of me had a hard time with New World. Once I was able to let that go it was easy to come back to New World and enjoy running around the world for the simple enjoyments.

I hope the devs do more fun stuff oriented around the factions going forward for casual fun competition.


I think sometimes we forget how beautiful the game is. Like when the sun shines on you as you enter mourningdale or when you take a break and look up before entering genesis final boss.

There are so many great places in new world that look amazing, excited to start the new tempest heart expedition, this will be a lot of fun.


My favorite expedition is Depths with Thorpe as the final boss. If they had that one as a mutator I would run it non stop, at least for a while. Loved that fight.


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