I struggle to enjoy the amount of CC in PVP

This is a take from someone who generally likes to focus on the PVE side of New World but I sign up for wars/OPR, have proper PVP gear and can at times find some fun in that.

However in any game where loss of player control over their character is commonplace this just becomes frustrating. In New World, where combat is already pretty clunky the chain CC meta just makes wanting to engage in any large scale fights very unappealing.

I completely get it’s basically the only way to kill somebody due to how strong healing and heavy armor is.

Perhaps it’s just me but every time I get chain CC’d over and over, or kill someone who’s been chain CC’d it just pulls the fun out of the fight,

Anyway, just curious if anyone else thinks the same, or if it’s fine as is.

Sadly with how rubberbandy and terrible melee combat is, especially now that the only viable weapon to land a light attack on a W pressing player is nerfed. You need this to kill anyone.
I would have rather they buffed rapier, hatchet , hammer, spear, and swords ability to stick to targets who are just jogging away then remove all capability of it without abusing chain ccs. Mainly because I would like to see diminishing returns or brief cc immunities. But if they did that it would be very hard to kill anyone in melee range without them kiting with ease. Void gauntlet is one of the strongest melee weapons for many reasons but chief among them is a low CD instant root that actually allows you to do damage to someone without them making miss 90% of their light attacks because they rubber banded back 9 times like the rest of the player base.

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