I think crafters should get more experience

Our poor crafting / merchant players get such small scrounge amounts for doing what they love. We should give them more experience for crafting.

Please note I don’t mean profession experience

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Heavens, even more XP :woozy_face:

Hope not, that is my personal opinion.

XP here, XP there, I am always in advance concerning lvl for the related tasks, areas, expeditions.

If you ask me, I would like an XP-reduction basically everywhere. I want to enjoy the journey to lvl 60 and lengthen the process.

This just to provide the feedback, that there are lot of different people playing the game and a ground in the middle has to be found.

If some like myself complain there are to much XP, others as this thread complain provided XP have to be increased, then it is likely that current state is quite ok.

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